Please pray for God to soften my heart, and to know that I belong God, thanks Sean

Please pray for a family in Washington, as their daughter Anessa age 9 is on hospice care with cancer. Please pray for a miracle and the cancer to be gone from her body, as she does not have much time till she goes to see Jesus. The family has lost another daughter age 6 Anita to Pray for this family to have the strength to endure these trials.

Please pray for Jason and Mary Kerline and the kids, thank you

Please pray for O’ler family, your church is the best thing for my husband and me, 2nd time here, wish I could explain what we feel.

Please pray for Myra, she has undergone brain surgery, please pray for a speedy recovery. Thank you

Please pray for Dylan, no details give, God knows the issue so please pray for him

Please pray for Guy has many needs for prayer His finances and investments are protected, Legal authorities and family leave him alone and return stolen items back to him, world wide revival, protection over all his assets, the bike that was stolen to be returned to rightful owner, pray for all the wicked cruel people to change their ways and be nice, that I can use proper social skills everyday. Thank you and God Bless

Please pray for David McGee

Mary needs prayer for health

Please pray for worldwide revival

Please pray for Shellie Bailey’s health

Please pray for L Bean Health

Please pray for protection for my finances as authorities are looking at them

Please pray bike is returned to rightful owner

Please pray for no one to steal my money, Thanks, Guy

Please pray for Guy’s Dr appointment

Andy Shoats need pray he has heart problems and has less than a year to live, pray for God’s hand on him and heal him.

Please pray for Grandson Jacob to be strong and not go back to heroin.

Please continue prayers for Tom Cooper, he has Parkinson's and is depressed. For him to find joy and peace, in Jesus Name.

Please pray for Trevor, who is a new Christian and is struggling and does not know much of the Word of God, Please pray for understanding and for him to be strong and place good and Godly people around him.

Please pray for Arlene Youmans she is suffering from cancer in the jaw and lungs.

Please pray for me. I am struggling with depression that won't go away. Satan is so strong and I'm so scared of him, I feel helpless, hopeless, and abandoned by God. Your prayers mean so much to me. Thanks.

Please pray for Randy he is in so much back pain.

Please pray for Larry who has skin problems and his wife Christine for her health. Thank you.

Please pray for Larry's grandson, who was in a motorcycle accident leg injuries, in a wheel chair, he is 20 years old, pray for total healing for this young man.

Que thanks CSN for all we do and he listens all the time. Please pray for him to find good Christian friends who are real and true as friends and a girlfriend, pray for God to give him wisdom and for him to know the perfect will God has for his life. Thank you and God Bless.

SV is asking for prayers for son Steve 56 years arrested 1 week ago, unsaved, has a temper, a lukewarm Jehovah Witness, he is a licensed electrician and a hard worker, has his own successful business. He threatened his nephew and now has a suspicious assault with a deadly weapon, he has spent 15 years in prison 15 years ago. This is serious!!!!! Please pray. Also, SV is asking for prayers for Nathan 25 years old, into to drugs, abused by my daughter and his druggy dad, MESSY. Only Father God can clean this mess up. I've given it over to him and pray daily and praising Him for all he can and will do for both of them. Many thanks for interceding.

Please pray for Terry and his wife Sue, as Sue wants a divorce. Please pray that God will work on the marriage and bless it. Thanks.

Please pray for Shelly Baily's health.

Please pray for Guy's health.

Please pray for the legal authorities and family member to stop calling me a fool.

John has an addiction problem, needs healed, to be restored and give his life to God. Thanks.

Please pray for Laake Draper, Lacy Adrian Banda, Perey Stacy Chesley, Barbara Chelsey, Brock Beutler, Jacob Freeman, Patti Mike Blakenship, Millie Kroboth, all family and relatives.

Please Pray for Tom for his Parkinson's to go away, and pray for Jacob Raichle, who used to be on heroin, (our grandson) that he would be saved and his family.

Please pray for me to know God's will for my life, and what church to go to, or what city to live in, for a job and a girlfriend and then a wife.

Will you please pray for my young adult daughter, she has such a spirit of fear that it is difficult to develop good friendships and cope with life. Will you please pray for Christian friends that will reach out to her and that she will accept their friendships, thanks so much.

Ila called about her brother Anthony in the Twin Falls hospital, please pray for him. He is struggling with MS and his marital status. Please pray for healing of the MS and that they can get it under control, his depression and spiritual wholeness. He has not been in Twin Falls very long and has no one here to talk to. Pray for protection for him too.

Patricia needs pray for healing from demonic spirits and hearing voices, for her diabetes and tumors to be gone. Thank you and God bless.

Please pray for family issues.

Please pray for Shelly to find her keys.

Please pray for Shelly to find her money and to be able to buy a bike.

Please pray for people to honor marriage.

Please pray for Misty or Missy's health.

Pray for Mitch Wright, he left Mormonism and he is struggling after 40 years. Please pray for his salvation and understanding of the truth of the Bible.

Please pray for Jennifer to be strong for her husband Anthony, and Prayers for Anthony who has a brain tumor and prayer for the entire family. Thanks.

Anthony needs prayer for his teeth and gums; he is in a lot of pain and does not want to lose them, so please pray for good health for him.

Please pray for Tim, that God will bless him with good faithful friends, a girlfriend, and to find the right church, and the right place to live, where people don’t stalk you.

Please pray for Brian, who is in the AZ prison, that he will be put on a Christian discipleship program.

Pray for worldwide revival.

Please pray for Guy, for him to make sound decisions, be intelligent and understanding, for family issues to be resolved, for family and legal authorities not to harass him, for Shelly's health, and Misty's health too.

Pray for my father. Thanks, Sathish.

Will you please pray 2 Timothy 1:7 for my young adult son? He has a spirit of fear, that life is difficult for him, he can't drive a car, get a job, or make friends. He is quiet and shy, but would like to have some friends, even one. And that he is brave enough to accept their friendships. Will you please pray for good Christian friends for him? He needs a miracle, as he feels alone, depressed and abandoned by God. Your prayers mean so much to us. Thanks

Louis Garcia who is currently in a Phoenix hospital after undergoing stage 4 cancer surgery of the colon needs prayer and the gospel preached to him. I have contacted 2 churches in the Phoenix area Calvary Chapel Phoenix and Phoenix bible church to see if someone that speaks Spanish could go share the gospel of Christ with Louis. I am writing RCF and Pastor Mike I listen to mike on CSN to see if he might know someone from either of those churches that could expedite my request. I have not heard back from either of those churches at this writing. My good friend Julio Herrera is staying with Louis at the hospital as Louis has no family here in the states except a sister is flying in from Guatemala in a few days. In any event can your church/prayer group please pray for Louis to come to Christ and for healing. I appreciate your help and prayers. Louis Garcia is at Saint Joseph hospital in Phoenix on the 8th floor room 8T29. Any influence Mike or someone at RCF might have in getting the gospel to Louis through a contact in Phoenix would be much appreciated. Blessings and gratitude Kerry Borsch Sisters OR

Pray for Worldwide revival

Pray for Elmer Medicine they gave me gives me issues, under evil spirits to destroy me, been in 3 different hospitals and the state of my mental health is bothering me. Please pray for me. Thank you

Demetre in Oregon and mom and step daughter wants neighbors to stop doing meth, pray for all of them

Pray for unspoken prayers requests

Please pray for me. I struggle with alcohol, thank you, AK

Please pray that my brother no longer considers himself as an alcoholic first but as a Christian first. Thank you Rick

Please put Eric my son on the pray list, Meningitis could be fatal. But I know all things are possible with our God. Bless you so much for everything. Brenda D

Shelly Baily is having seizures lots of them. please pray for God to give the doctors wisdom how to treat her and her total healing. Thank you

Dear CSN , I hope you are all doing well. Thank you for all the inspirational Christian Program you broadcast over the radio. Would you please say a prayer for my families salvation. Their names are Milan, Marie, Ana, Sue, Paul, Matt, and also my relatives and friends, I would be so grateful. May God bless you and keep you and a joyous resurrection day to you all. Love in Jesus, Mark

Will you please pray 2 Timothy 1:7 for my young adult son. He has a spirit of fear, that life is difficult for him, he can't drive a car, get a job, or make friends. He is quiet and shy but would like to have some friends even one. Will you please pray for good Christian friends for him. He needs a miracle, as he feels alone, depressed and abandoned by God. Your prayers mean so much to us. Thanks

Please pray that God will deliver my daughter Shanequa from a lesbian spirit. She says she loves the Lord Jesus but she's bound by this evil spirit. So please keep her and Quadewlyn my oldest daughter, and John and me in your prayers. Thank you so very much and God bless.

Guy asks for prayers for worldwide revival

Pray for George needs great favor

Anna ask prayer for healing for her husband, and family

Angela and Nichole and children kids are in foster home, pray for what is best for them, that the grandmother would be able to have visitation with them.

Please pray for Miguel G Berroterzan , who is getting ready to go to the Parole Board after 30 yrs of incarceration. Thank you

Hello CSN, you are in my prayers daily, truly found a radio station that doesn't just tickle the ears …. A lot of churches here in Eugene do. I have CSN and its lineup of truth bearers, the truth is not gumdrops / lollipops its brimstone and hail or there of who can't believe Olsteen Wommack. Please pray for me. Love you all at CSN, Lavonne Fountain

Please pray for Eddie's wife, would see the truth that Mormonism is not the truth

Please pray for unspoken prayer requests

Pray for Shelly, that she may be healed

Pray for Tony, gout in right foot he has high bold pressure, needs healed.

Please pray for my husband, looking for a full time job for the past 2 years, he wants to honor God with his life, Our savings are gone, we feel hopeless, depressed and abandoned by God. Please pray for a full time job that pays enough to support our family. We need a miracle! Your prayers mean so much to us. Thank you

Please pray for Emily and her extended family. For physical and spiritual healing, thanks

Please pray for divorce and the families involved

Please pray for Shelly Baily for health and for Guy and his health they are both sick

God has been very good to me, he has given to me Joy, Peace, Protection, friends, a job and a new used car. I listen to CSN every day and been very blessed by all the ministry on it. I always enjoy to every man and answer. I listen to it every day. Please put me in your prayers lists, pray that I get my new car registered and on the road, Please pray that I will find God's perfect will and to do it,and to find the right church and girlfriend. Please pray I will not ne ganged on or stalked. Thanks you for all you do Quoc Nguyen

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