The River Christian Fellowship Prayer Page

Feb 2019 Subject: Growth Message: I pray for forgiveness and specifically uplift a few major mistakes of my past, which I have fully repented from. I give praise to the Heavenly Father alone for the breakthroughs and blessings i have had recently. I don't know all of why I faced the previous trials that I did but God has bigger plans of putting me on higher ground with strengthened perspective and insight is a much more inspiring and rewarding than the easy path I naturally desired. I pray I will continue to build up from here and be worthy of the fruits of my labor. I pray I'm able to focus correctly and continue to build. Be with me and a significant other. Build us past our shortcomings to last through to a fruitful marriage together. Heal us mentally and emotionally of the scars we have, from our past together and as individuals, childhood situations and anything hindering us and bringing us down. Build our strength in communication, ability to talk to one another about points of misunderstanding or conflict before they escalate or create further doubt. Grow our love and appreciation for one another. Help us to lift one another towards You. Help us to encourage, strengthen and accept one another and to inspire one another to reach higher. Keep us above all negativity, distractions and ill intent. Keep us from the enemies attacks grow our love and appreciation for one another. Build our quality time spent together and intentional pursuit of one another. Give us understanding and acceptance. Help us to see the positive and potential strength and stability in one another. Give us Your blessings and mercy despite our shortcomings. Be with us intimately in every way we need. Give us stability and emotional stability. Help us to fully commit to one another and pursuing a strong love together. Give us wisdom. Build our success in business and personal endeavors. Help us to know how to apply our charitable desires. Unspoken. I pray for continued healing of my social anxieties and mental paranoia. Unspoken. I uplift our families. Bring them Protection, Healing, strength, understanding, prosperity, health and wisdom. Be with everyone individually, with their individual struggles. Help us to all get along, love and accept one another despite differences, to have a spirit of love and not condemnation or shortsightedness. I especially uplift my family. I pray for continued strengthening of friendships. Be with those I consider friends and those removed from that status. Let them feel Your divine presence and heal them in their individual situations. I uplift a strayed individual and her sphere of influence. Lead her out of this sin and build her strong in You and Your love. Protect all those she influences. I uplift a marriage. Heal them thoroughly and bring them together stronger than ever before. Let them be a positive example. Unspoken. Heal all those negatively affected. I uplift anyone who has negative feelings towards me or feels as if I did them wrong. Forgive me for any harm I caused in situations where I may have been in the wrong. Heal their hearts and in situations where they lead their own perceptions astray, let them have the wisdom and strength to question their validity and intentions in finding me as their enemy. Mend hearts and build love. Unspoken. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Feb 2019 Subject: Prayer for salvation and protection Message: First let us give the Lord thanks for the abundance of all things.Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men; That the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually. Pray against the spirit of anti Christ,false witness,terrorism,leviathan,jezebel,witchcraft,hatred and violence. Pray for world wide repentance that people would turn to God, so that he will forgive their sins. Please pray and intercede without ceasing that God's will be done in the lives of the world's leaders and for our leaders to seek God and listen to Him. Pray that they would be surrounded by godly counsel and, that President Trump and the world leaders would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone. That we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. God can turn the hearts of kings. Earnestly pray that the people of America and its leaders will humble themselves and seek the Lords face and turn from their wicked ways. Pray that the Lord would hear from heaven and forgive our countries sins and heal our land. God Bless America Pray that the Lord would grant peace in America, that we may lie down and no one will make us afraid. That the Lord would remove wild beasts from the land, and that the sword will not pass through our country and that President Trump along with our leaders be filled with power, with the Spirit of the Lord, and with justice and might to declare the sins of Gods people. Please pray for revival and that the Lord would pour out his spirit on his servants, throughout the world both men and women. Pray for the peace of Israel. Gods will be done on earth as it is in heaven.In Jesus Name, Amen.

Feb 2019 Rita is asking for prayer. Dear brothers and sisters, Hope you are having another good new year. I'm thankful for the much needed prayers studies on the radio. since my retirement (DOC Orders) from my school bus driving I am not listening to you in my vehicle. I listen at home and I also bought the wonder bible audio player. please pray for me to find out where the infection is in my body. My Doctor has exhausted all test allowed by my medical plan to find this problem and my health is not good, I'm praying for Father God fot help. Enclosed is my donation. May the Good Lord keep blessing you all. Sincerely with love, Rita

Feb 2019 please pray for my daughter Shanequa for God to deliver her from lesbian spirit. I know God can deliver her. Thank you

Feb 2019 Pray for Leeia, she is having chest pains, told it is anxiety, please pray for health and peace, thank you

Feb 2019 Subject: Prayer Message: My name is April Ptado. I was looking at your website and I loved that you provide rides to church. So many people never truly connect with God because they can't get to church or a bus ride is to long etc. I've been listening to CSN for over 3 years now. It has calmed my heart in some truly troubling times. Recently I confronted my stalker of 3 years. He and his girlfriend's and friends and family have made my life a horrific struggle. For 3 years I prayed for him. I had my church pray for his salvation though I was going through a great deal of harassment. The last straw for me was when he called my church and began showing up there and opened a business in LA which is where I'm from. He's from New Jersey. Then he attempted to hire me by asking me for a Skype interview not telling me who he was. God brought a lot of things about him I haven't been able to admit because the abuse has been so consistent.The most major is this man told me he abuses small children. I remember years ago I did reach out to a Christian therapist I had heard about on Christian radio. She told me God told her that Steve knows the truth of God but maybe God is convicting me to do something about him abusing little children. She was right about Steve knowing God. He was a missionary for ten years with the Catholic Church.I was in so much pain at the time. I was suffering from a loss of a child.I just couldn't do much of anything but turn to God and seek him with all my heart. Now my heart's healed but the harassment still continues and God yet again is bringing this horrific thing to my mind.I've always felt since I was a teenager God wanted me to help abused and neglected children. It's hard for me to continue praying for this man admitting to myself what he is. However my pastor speaks of child molesters coming to see him for salvation and how he leads them to the Lord and then calls the police. Please pray for me as I stand up for myself and children.And please pray for Steve Cimas that he comes to the Lord and never hurts a child again.

Feb 2019 Message: Let me save money. Pray.

Feb 2019 Subject: MAHEN and Veena Message: Please do help me and my wife Veena in prayer to overcome and be able to move to another house safely as we do have 3witch doctors living in the same house and who are our own relatives targeting us daily by putting blood and all kinds of ashes in and around the house daily basis and have challenged to kill us both if we don't leave the house for them. We are very sick and having severe health problems situations now. Thanks

Feb 2019 I have a compound fracture of the L4 vertebrae and I'm having trouble functioning. please pray for healing. thank you

02-2019 Hello, I'm a long time listener of yours and am in need of prayers. First , I've been married for over 26 years but have made a mess of things. My wife and I both have very dysfunctional backgrounds. I keep trying to do things better but keep making the same mistakes. I've really been down on myself, especially this past year when I got really depressed and wasn't there for my wife emotionally. She has suffered from a bone marrow disease called Aplastic Anemia and in September got a bone marrow transplant. I've tried to be there for her but I just kept sinning as well as doing and saying things wrong which didn't help and have not been a proper support for her. Also my middle daughter has been estranged from us for over a year now and just told us last week that she and her boyfriend are getting married and she is pregnant. We are not allowed to contact her and that had sent my wife into a tailspin and now she just doesn't have any hope in anything getting better and is now talking about us separating. God woke me from my depression towards the end of December and I realized that I needed not only to truly repent and get back in the word that I had stopped reading but also to forgive myself as Jesus had. I made a decision to make 2019 a better year and have been doing much better but it seems that it is too little too late for my family and marriage. I'm praying earnestly everyday for softening of hearts and for restoration and renual in my family but feel very powerless. I'm not even sure fully what to ask for but I still pray. I'm very broken and so is my family. Would you, your staff and your congregation please pray for us? Thank you and may God bless you. Darren

Jan 19 Message: please pray that I am a Child Of God and the evil one does not touch me, so I am delivered and alive in Christ and make Paul Nolan and David Tanner leave me as they are abusive and pray I receive a flower of life from Jesus. MAL

Jan 19 please pray for me, Lillie my daughter. I am a veteran and have been struggling with PTSD and TBI and my daughter has Lupus. I am in process of finding a church family, something that has been needed for me me and my daughter. thank you , David

Jan 19 please pray for Angie who is going thru colon cancer for this to be gone, daughter said she is not doing good. please pray for here and her family and take this cancer away. thank you

Jan 19 Praise God with his love, forgiveness, grace. we have made it i year, so thank you for the prayers and informative broadcast at CSN here in Eugene, Or 99.5 please pray that I'm able to keep up health to continue my walk with you guys till its my time. thank you, love always, Lavonne

Jan 19 prayer request from Grand Rapids please pray for me I'm struggling with depression that won't go away. I feel helpless, hopeless and abandoned by God. The emotional pain is so great, Satan is too strong, Your prayers mean so much to me. I need a miracle. Thanks

Jan 19 Message: Hello Pastor Please could you pray for me please against the followings: Physical disability, mental illness, poverty, insufficiency, damaged arms, damaged legs, black magic, bad luck, bad news, fears, failures, and back pain, depression, and anxiety disorders? Thanks Truly Peter

Jan 19 Message: Forgiveness. I praise God and Him alone for the progress made in this relationship. Be with this man and I. Help us to navigate and build together through this situation. Give him the words to say and the mindset to heal the hurt he has caused me and to restore my confidence and comfort in him. Grow his maturity that he will understands the harm in that behavior. Help him to appreciate me and my reliance in prayer to understand the situation rather than taking my fustration out on him. Give him the desire and strength to understand my hurt and perspective and reconcile the situation. Help us to communicate well and instill confidence in one another and our desire to make a successful and intimate relationship together. Build our relationship and connection stronger than ever before. Keep us above all negativity, ill intent, road blocks and distractions. Build us to last through to a fruitful marriage together. Heal us of our wounds and demons, the things that come between us or those that simply harm us as individuals. Be with us in our endavors. Bring us success and prosperity. Heal my social anxieties and paranoias. Heal his emotional issues. Bring us stability and emotional stability. Bless keep and bond us. I uplift my family and him. Bring us together with understanding and respect. Bing us, prosperity, health and wisdom. Help us to love one another past our differences and to know how to communicate with love. Be with us all as individuals. I uplift a confused individual and her sphere of influence. Heal her mind and others like her that they will see the light and shun that false teaching. I uplift a number of other friends and their individual situations. I uplift a marriage. Bless heal and fluorish them. Let them be a positive example. Heal those negatively affected. Heal an emotional issue. Unspoken. Keep a certain negatives individual far away from me and any influence in my life. Help me to reach promotion at work. Unspoken.

Jan 19 Message: Pray for my friendship. Sathish

Jan 19 A ma needs prayers for seizures he is having and for his health and debt, thanks

Jan 19 Pray for Sherry, is losing hope, also her son;s health and he needs medical insurance, also her grandson who also needs medical insurance, this family has been hit hard with medical issues.

Jan 19 Pray for BO, he needs to feel God's love, he loves God, bur does not feel God's love

Jan 19 Please pray for Rita, she has acid reflux and her health is not good, she has bad anxiety, her heart is heavy and hurting, will not go to the ER as to many cases of the flu, thanks for the prayers

pray for my daughter as she is lost and I have not seen her or spoken to her in a couple years, I need her to come home, pray for my son as he is depressed over all this with his sister.

Jan 19 Please pray for Kayla Williams in a burn center in Oregon 75% of body is burned and she needs a miracle healing, thank you and God bless

Jan 19 Guy asking for a world wide revival

Jan 19 Thomas is asking for prayer fro Clayton

01-22-19 Please pray that God will soon send me full time employment and that I won't loose my car as I need it for getting to work.. thank you Paloma

01-18-19 Message: Bless my thinking.pray for my food&shelter.

1-22-19 Subject: Please pray for a shunamite woman? Message: Please pray for a lady who reminded me of the shunamite woman. She took me in and fed me and she was like the mum I never had. I had a prophetic vision there of terrible sadness,loss and deep despair, but hope being restored to them. I didn't understand it. She had 3 boys quite late in life and to her they were miracle children, but one went missing years ago now and so they are still in this dark time. Please pray in thanks for her kindness and her faith in the storm can he be found? The middle son is also very ill as is the father. She is depressed and so must the other son be. I also feel God needs to heal all of their minds and lift this heavy cloud of hopelessness, pointlessness and procrastination to make them happier and more peaceful and no longer afraid. Please pray also that great faith would be found by all of the family and if the son is alive God would also give him great faith and transform him too.Please pray that God would move the whole family from triage to recovery phase and into a totally new season?I know we serve the God of the impossible and the waymaker where there is no way and I believe for them that God can turn this around, but the detail is up to God.Please pray as God said John 10 v 10 " The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full" he came to bring life and I want them to live again real lives, fruitful lives and i'm sure that is God's will! Please pray that God would work with speed and power now in this issue as it has been 10 years since the beginning of this terrible storm and I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that it has to end now and healing to begin and real faith and trust in God to be the ladder out of this terrible pit!I sense that I have to keep praying praying praying for this until the walls come down like when Joshua marched around the walls.

01-18-19 please pray for protection for Guy. thanks

1-20-19 Pray for Health, love for the world, the church

01-17-19 the Coopers are still struggling Tom has dementia and Parkinson and both are getting worse. Just a healing of either or both, and we both will finish well with our Lord Jesus. We both believe in miracles. thank you and God bless. Please pray for our little Blakely who just turned 1 year old, She is a miracle baby, and all have been praying for her I thank you, She still has a condition has a missing corotid artery on the right side, new born babies can get their blood flow going differently than adults, Please continue to pray for her and Tom and me also. Blessing to you all. Patsy

01-15-19 message: Please pray for me that God will sell my home! John

1-15-19 will you please pray for my sister to accept Christ into her heart, she is so lost, and find a bible believing church that will welcome and disciple her, she need prayer badly, your prayers mean so much to us, thanks? GR MI

01-15-19 please pray for William, he is 23 years old and has a rare blood disease

01-15-19 Pray for Kent for health and salvation.

01-15-19 Subject: Deliverance Message: Please pray that I receive God's wisdom and light to write books and be a famous author with my book 5 ways of the wise, and set me free from the spirit of abuse named Paul Bernardo and Chris Laye, and send angelic protection to me and Maya Bradshaw.

01-15-19 Message: Please pray for me that I will receive lots of work to pay my bills and to help others less fortunate than myself Amen Please pray for all sick disabled and homeless people Amen

01-14-19 please pray for my daughter Shanequa for God to deliver her, God bless CSN thank you Georgia

1-11-19 please pray for my health, I have an infection and my Dr. can not find the cause. This has been active for 2 years now with many tests and I pray that soon I have answers. thank you, Rita

1-11-19 Washington called please pray for her, healing in her body, and to find a real good Dr. and is in need of a good Pastor, and someone she could talk to about issues in her life. would like device direction. thank you

please pray for me as I get upset easily especially on the phone, thank you

please pray for my marriage as husband wants to end it after 36 years thank you

Please pray for a revial and God Bless

1-12-19 Subject: Please pray for my friend and his family Message: Please pray for a situation between me and a friend who I love very much? We fell out a lot of years ago and even though I didn't mean or want to hurt him I feel I hurt him really deeply and at a time when he wasnt maybe finding life very easy and he relied on me and I really let him down. We really hurt each other deeply and I wish we had sorted it out but we went seperate ways.Please pray as now are in touch again sort of, but I think he is afraid of being hurt or making a mistake. Please pray that if he is supposed to be my husband, if it is Gods will that he would know it to be true and God would show him the way and he would no longer be afraid? Please also pray for his family for real protection and please pray for him, his brother and mum dad and uncle and his brother who is missing to all find faith in God and for God's full protection over their lives? Please pray for my friend for a faith like King David and to make God number one in his life and for his dad to hand over leadership of the family to him because he is a man and because he hopefully trusts him? Please pray for real deliverance for his whole family and deep peace in God's arms? Please pray that he breaks ties with anyone in his life who is not going to bless his future and care about the very best in life for him and anyone selfish or interested in money or a good lifestyle and near him for these reasons. Please pray that God blesses him with a good and peaceful home of his own in the future and that he earns enough money from passive work to leave his evening job where he is tempted to get involved with girls who he should not be interested in. Please also pray for real deliverance for his whole family from some sort of dark force keeping them oppressed/depressed and sick. Please pray that they be set free from all generational curses, healed from all illnesses and set free from any curses, involvement in freemasonry or the occult or anything else and God brings light and love and life into their lives again and new hope and joy and even returns all the things the locusts stole, including people who were separated from the family. Please pray for my friend to cut himself off from all who are not truly blessing or helping him or are hindering him or depress and discourage him and particularly anyone who was a bully or wasting his time and preventing him doing things God told him to do?Please also pray for me as I'm 40 and I need to just trust in God that he still has a plan for me and that he will bring me the right man at the right time so that I can have a family and that he will somehow find me a real home where I will be safe and have people to protect and provide for me as I tend to fall apart on my own and stop eating and just forget to do really important things in life or I just sometimes don't go out for days as I don't like going anywhere really on my own. I also don't really understand men or have the ability to read people so God needs to provide me a miracle.

1-12-19 Message: Please pray for my daughter (Akshaya). She is suffering from blood infection and vamtings. We are in hospital last 8 days. Please pray for her.

1-10-19 will you please pray for my sister to accept Christ into her heart and find a bible believing church that will welcome her, she need prayer badly, your prayers mean so much to us, thanks? GR MI

1-9-19 Subject: Prayers for a miracle Message: Prayers for a miracle, protection from heavier doses of chemo, good news, and to uplift my son in law, Joshua dale Watson ‚s mood and health... josh is fighting brain cancer tumor. He is a husband and has four small children. Josh is 36 years old. thank you, Angela

01-09-19 please pray for Kent who has bone cancer, for his salvation and his health, also for his girlfriend Cathy and her salvation. thank you

01-08-19 my pray request is for my daughter age 23 for her faith, has not been to church in 5 years, and I worry about her. my father in law and brother in law to be saved as the do not believe. thank you, Janie

01-08-19 Please pray for Kyle as he needs encouragement, thanks

01-06-19 Hello, my friend Misty need healing, please pray for her, a lot of problems, thank you

01-04-19 please pray for my son and daughter for a church fellowship group for them to join, it is lonely for them being a christian at their age. they would like to become involved but don't know where or how or who would accept them. they are so quiet and shy so we would need someone to reach out to them, they need a miracle!! Your prayers mean so very much. thanks!

01-17-19 Message: Please can you pray for Singing Scriptures ministry to be a blessing for all the congregations internationally until the end of the world? Here is one of the songs we did from 1 Cor 13 - Thank you very much for your faithful service and please share in your reply what can we pray for you? thanks Cris

01-07-19 I'm being sued for a repossessed car. Pray I can find help. I'm a single father with two kids and don't want to lose everything.pray the car I have now doesn't break down thanks Henry

1-2-19 Bonnie would like prayer for her family also for her health issues, and to know that she is saved.

12-31-18 Dear Jesus. Please help me for I am a sinner, I simply don't know what to do anymore. I am broken and lost and I need your help. I don;t know which way to turn. I know that you died on the cross even for me and I am having a hard time with it. I give up, I want to go to heaven and live forever. I need you to come into my heart and change me into what you will have me be, I love you, Happy Birthday! Your friend Tony

12-29-18 Message: Please pray for our oldest son Austin (18) who has been struggling with debilitating health issues for the past 5 years. He had loved playing soccer since he was 3, but his health made him drop out when he was 14. He's very reclusive. We've been to several specialists including Mayo Clinic, but no one has been able to help. Please pray for him to get better some how. Thank you. Jason

12-26-18 pray for Joseph, he trusts in God and he has a thorn in his side, he needs to let it go. he does not want to slide backwards in his walk with God. Thank you

12-28-18 Prayer for Nora, she is 6 months old, and she has bronchitis.thank you

12-26-18Mark is grateful for our prays, pleas pray for my families salvation names are Ana, Marie, Milan, Paul, Sue, Matt and my friends and relatives, and for a revival to take place in our country. May God bless you and this wonderful ministry

12-26-18 please pray for Naleah who is 17 yrs old, she is having health issues. please lift her in your prayers, Her family dearly loves the Lord, They are in need of some comfort. thank you

12-26-18 please pray for my son and daughter for a church fellowship group for them to join, it is lonely for them being a christian at their age. they would like to become involved but don't know where or how or who would accept them. they are so quiet and shy so we would need someone to reach out to them, they need a miracle!! Your prayers mean so very much. thanks!

12-23-18 please pray ofr little Lucas who is 3 years old, and just diagnosed with Leukemia , parents are Raymond and Nicki. thank you

12-26-18 Subject: Blessings Message: Pray for me to celebrate.


12-19-18 Message: My husband and I KNOW Jesus Christ is our redeemer and sincerely our only answer. Otherwise we just feel no joy, drained, no drive or inclination to go anywhere, almost hopeless, no joy ... SO many family uncertainties for so very long , fighting lies about us and family; fighting addictions in our family, finances & our businesses are in disarray , relationships are frazzled or non existent; no time to do even what needs done I ‚m sorry this is so negative .. I ‚m normally very positive. Still we h‚ve fought this war so long Praising God still for all Hes done for us! Thank you & God bless you who pray

12-18-18 please pray for Devon and his family, he lost his job for no reason, he is a Christian and trusts God. please pray for a new job and have his needs met. thank you

12-18-18 Please pray for Mindy Minor, she lives in Jerusalem Israel and has put in papers to become a resident there, this was in Sept and she has not heard anything as of yet, please pray this goes through, She thanks us for our programs and says God bless to all the staff for this wonderful ministry and Merry Christmas to all, thank you

12-17-18 Please pray for Vicky Franklin, is in the hospital, cannot speak or walk, please pray the tumor has not returned and causing this, and give the doctors wisdom to find what is going on. thank you

12-16-18 Please Pray for my mom's health Debbie Weaver. thank you

12-12-18 Subject: Prayer Request for Paola Message: Please pray for the salvation, deliverance and emotional healing of Paola in Miami. Pray also that the Lord brings Spirit filled Christian friends into her life and God enables her to walk away from ungodly company. Thanks!

12-12-18 Amy from California needs a job a full time job, she is 62 years old and people don't want to hire her, she needs to keep her car and be able to pay the payments. please pray for God to open a door for her as she is depressed and thinks God does not want to help her or does not hear her. thank you

12-10-18 Message: Please pray for my job and financial crisis. Also for my remaining ( end of service) money from Saudi oger Ltd. In Saudi arabia thank you George Vincent

12-10-18 please pray for my boyfriend Peter, he has been undergoing chemo therapy and cyber knife surgery for pancreatic cancer. we are waiting for a bone scan as he feels it has become active again, please pray for healing, thanks Sandi

12-10-18 please pray for a man with, addictions to Porn, drugs, I have messed up my life 6 ways from Sunday. I need a lot of prayer, thank you

12-10-18 pray for Mike Wilcox he has walking pneumonia and is very ill.

12-10-18 please pray for Travis Burton and family for mutual love and trust, healing and power, struggles are real please pray thank you

12-10-18 Debbie called and needs prayer for a court case, her daughter and ex are struggling over the baby, he is abusive and needs to stay away until he changes, please pray for all of them to be safe and protected.

12-10-18 update on Guy, court case was dismissed. thank you all for the prayers for this.

12-10-18 Pray for Kay for Financial help lives in Pennsylvania

12-10-18 Please pray for Troy to have a relationship with Jesus.

12-10-18 please pray for Crystal for financial help and housing, lives in Tennessee

12-07-18 Message: I'm requesting prayer for a fast and full healing. I was assaulted last weekend by some guys that fractured my face and i have numbness in my face i pray i fully heal and regain the felling in my face. Thank you and god bless.

12-06-18 Message: Prayer For the Second Coming of Jesus - I pray that Jesus Christ returns to Earth soon, to bring the eternal love and peace of the Kingdom of God to all who believe in Him, and for every knee to bow to Him, and for every tongue to confess that Jesus is Lord at His return. Amen .Dear The River Christian Fellowship, please pray for this prayer request above, and please share it with everyone, everywhere! Until it comes true, and Jesus returns to save His people - which hopefully, by then, will include all the people of the world! Thank You! God bless you!

12-09-18 please pray for my children, Sarah, Aco, Josh, Trevor, Caleb, for their salvation. Pray for Brandon to become a good father, not holding onto bitterness, about being a father. Thank you - God Bless - God is good all the time.

12-07-18 please pray for my daughter who had a kidney on Dec 5th for a speedy recovery. thank you

12-06-18 Message: Pray to my husband let go the past. Is making him and all the family suffer.

12-04-18 Message: dear Lord with love and thank and praise and worship you and repent of our sins and seek your face and your will only to the glory of God in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as we surrender our past and our present and future to you and ask healing urgently for Nicholas and Julian and Christian and our family and finances to be saved and reconciled and restored. Weight as protection and deliverance from addictions and other evil and from abuse. would love the Lord and we want to do the will of Lord and we would wish to retire that we might pay our bills first and serve God and Minister unto others. Thank you for your intercession and we ask the Lord for divine intervention for these needs as they are extremely urgent. We're all human effort fails only the Lord can succeed. As we surrender and submit to God and seek the face of the Lord only the word of God. Amen

11-30-18 please pray for Alaska and the earthquake and the people effected by this,thank you

11-29-18 Please pray for Paloma to find a full time job.thank you

11-28-18 Message: Please pray that the Lord will heal my son Henry Sperling. Within 2 weeks Henry went from stumbling a bit to not being able to walk at all. Both the doctors at Er and Henry‚€™s own doctors could not find out what the problem was. They even suggested that the problem could be in Henry‚€™s mind! Please pray that the Lord will keep Henry alive and give his new nuerologist wisdom concerning his affliction. Henry is 9 years old. Thank you.

11-26-18 From: Anna Baudendistel Message: I need you to pray for God to provide me with a newer mobile home or repair on my mobile home. The roof cannot be repaired and my dad bought a tarpoleon for the roof but the roof was leaking and a strong wind came last night and ripped the tarpoleon in half. My dad ordered a new tarpoleon that covers the whole roof. If I did not have the tarpoleon the floor in the utility room and kitchen will get wet from the roof leaking. Also, my bathroom floor is rotten around the tub and I cannot get a bath or shower. I have to sponge off in front of the sink. I am sorry to bother you with my problems but I need your prayer.

11-26-18 Angela lukavsky Subject: Prayers for a miracle, protection from heavier doses of chemo, good news, and to uplift my son in law, Joshua dale Watson‚€™s mood and health.... josh is fighting brain cancer tumor. He is a husband and has four small children. Josh is 36 years old.

11-26-18 will you please pray for healing for my son. He is very sensitive and struggles with change and giving things away. This has made life very hard for him and for our family. he needs a miracle. only God can reach inside him and heal him, Your prayers mean mean so much to us. Thanks

11-26-18 continue to pray for Tom Cooper, for the Parkinson disease, and the dimentia, he is struggling

11-25-18 Pray for my son in law Mike Cranston for his cancer and his spiritual walk and pray for my doctor has cancer Dr. Bansil and his spiritual walk

11-25-18 Please pray for Brandon White, Norman & Chasie LeBaron to be serious about their walk with God.

11-22-18 Subject: deliverance Message: please pray that the evil spirits of abduction and abuse named Cody Dinunzio and Jhana Maya Bradshaw and Mary Harmandayan leave my mind as they abuse me, and that I will have my Facebook friends care about me and get my spiritual gifts. Magdalena Angelica Lovejoy

11-22-18 Message: Tanna Shay Keymona Evans My husband filed for a divorce. Myself and my children want our marriage to be restored. Prayers please. Our court date is Dec 3, 2018. Prayer for my husband to see that he committed to us (my second marriage, his first marriage). God will give my husband a change of heart and restore our marriage. We need a miracle this month.

11-19-18 Please pray for for protection for those in harms way in the fires burning in California, and for those who have lost loved ones and homes. Thank you In Christ, Mark


11-19-18 Message: Can you please pray for my cataracts in my eye to heal and go away in my lift eye thank you, Carol madden

11-15-18 Message: Please pray for Eric McDonald‚€™s salvation... "Heavenly Father, please have mercy and compassion on Eric. Please help Eric. Please draw Eric to Jesus Christ. Please help Eric to find hope, faith, trust, and love in and through Jesus Christ. May Eric experience the joy of salvation. Please heal him in spirit, soul, and body. Please meet all of his needs and save him and his family in the name of Jesus Christ‚€¶Amen, Alfred

11-05-18 please pray for Matthew, he has been under attack for the past 4 years and need to Lord to set him free. please pray for him. God Bless

11-04-18 please pray for Kerri, she is at a crossroads and full of dis pair and does not know what to do. and she can't find anyone to help her.

11-4-18 Please pray for Guy, family members are calling him a thief because of divorce.. please pray for this and God bless

11-07-18 Message: I am so glad that I found y'all on the radio it had help me so much please pray for my family and me Thank You Mary Jean Meadows.

11-01-18 Hi my name is Jacane Sonano & I have a prayer request, to have another child, I've been struggling for years. thank you

11-01-18 Please pray for Irma Perez, Message: Prayer for reconciliation in my marriage. We are separated. I was diagnosed with lupus.

10-31-18 Miriah needs prayer, pray she returns home. she left home and is now living with bad people. Please pray for her to come home soon to her mother, she lives in Louisiana thanks

10-29-18 Paloma needs prayer Dear CSN please pray for me.I lost my job, I'm at the end of my rope. WHERE IS GOD? I pray and pray, Why doesn't HE HELP? My life is so broken. I don't know how to fix it. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME They are going to reposes my car soon, my car is my only shelter as I've been homeless for 4 years and without my car I'll have no shelter at all. WHERE IS GOD WHEN WE SUFFER?

10-29-18 Message: I've been depressed about 2 years now. It's become difficult for me to even bother going to church on Saturday nights or Sundays. I'm a lapsed Catholic. I have plenty of opportunity to go to confession and vigil mass on Saturday evenings. Please pray that I get back into relationship with God.

10-29-08 Please pray for my Boyfriend to accept Christ Jesus.thanks

10-21-18 My husband lost his job and we are waiting to hear back about a possible job that would take us out of state. please pray that if this job doesn't work out that God would provide him with another job soon. His name is Newton. Thank you

10-17-18 Pray for Lee for healing, has had a couple of Biopsies done and does not have the results yet. she has pain in her throat ans stomach,, has had medical issues in the past, she knows God can heal here as she has seen this over the past 10 years with the other issues. pray for her job, her career and for God to give me direction as I'm not sure what to do anymore. thanks

10-17-18 Ilene needs your prayers, asking for us to intercede fro her, she is legally blind, home bound, also needs God to guide her in this walk. thanks

10-15-18 Please pray for Mary as she is being spiritually attacked, she lives next to witches and also has some family members who are witches. She needs prayers for strength, to become stronger in the Lord. Please continue your prayers for her. thank you

10-15-18 the Coopers are still struggling Tom has dementia and Parkinson and both are getting worse. Just a healing of either or both, and we both will finish well with our Lord Jesus. We both believe in miracles. thank you and God bless.

10-15-18 please pray that I find full time work as I need a job and I know God has a job somewhere for me. thank you

10-15-18 Amy would like prays for employment and a home

10-10-18 From: Melissa, Pray for my son please..

10-12-18 Barbara stopped by CSN today to give a donation she is moving from Missouri to Washington pray for safe travels, also pray for her continued listening to CSN with her head set and radio as this kept her going while in prison. . God bless you Barbara and thank you you.

10-11-18 Betsy has been in rehab and jail for a while is sober and has not had a drink in 6 months, please pray for her and her children so they can all be re-united soon. and for her to live sober and clean the rest of her life. thank you.

10-11-18 Fernando called in please pray for him, he bought a bible and was attacked as soon as he left the store, he lives alone and is afraid. He knows this was a spiritual battle, and the attack is from the devil as he does not want him to know the word.. please pray for his safety and God's hedge or protection about him. place good and Godly people about him. thank you and God bless

10-11-18 Patricia called and needs prayer. please pray her her to be free from Demons, hearing voices, etc.

10-11-18 Tony needs prayer for his health arm, elbow are irritated, need healing thanks

10-10-18 Guy needs prays please to find the lost items to be found, for the court to be in favor of the defendant. and that the Lord to give him liberty or death. thank you and God Bless

10-11-18 Sue and Terry need prayers please, Terry called in today and said Sue is an unbeliever, he is a believer, they have been married 27 years, she has a meeting with a lawyer to see about a divorce and he does not want this. They lack communication and there is no joy in their lives. please pray for her heart to change and for his too, so they can grow deeper in love with each other and in love with God. that she will accept Jesus as her lord and savior. thank you

10-10-18 Please pray for my family thank you CB

10-10-18 will you pray 11Timothy 1:7 for my young son? He has such a spirit of fear that life is difficult for him. He is quiet and shy but would like to have dome friends even one to do things with. Will you please pray for good Christian friends to accept him and invite him to do things and that he would accept their friendships. your prayers mean so much to us. thanks

10-10-18 Please pray for the Vasquez family. thank you CSN and God bless you for all you do

10-01-18 please pray for my brother Ron who just moved from Seattle WA to Aberdeen WA and is living with us now, thank you for CSN as I listen to it all the time. Blessings, Rick

09-26-18 please pray for Bret Kavanaugh, he is to speak up tomorrow in this hearing at 9 AM about these sexual assault stories being told about him. Please pray for this all to end as he is a good man, and pray for peace for him and his family. Pray for all the accusers to stop all the lies and to be honest, and for this country to pull together and back up our leaders and let them do their jobs. thank you.

09-24-18 Please keep me in your prays, I need to find steady employment. thank you P.S.

09-20-18 from a lady in SD, please pray for my husband. The company he worked for closed down 18 months ago, and he has only fond some part time work, He wants to honor God with his life. We both feels so hopeless, helpless, and depressed. Please pray for a full time job with enough income to support our family. He needs a miracle. your prayers mean so very much. thank you

Please pray for a woman who called in from NC, it is raining and hailing there at this time from the hurrricane, she has anxiety and is asking for prayer. thank you

09-11-18 Julie called in and need pray for her health, amd her 3 sisters who are not saved, names are KC, Susan, and Michelle. thank you

09-11-18 please pray for Mike Hill thanks

09-10-18 Please pray for Tony he has heart issues. thank you

09-10-18 Please pray for my husband who has parkinson's and also has dementia as he is having a hard time. thanks the Coopers

09-07-18 Please pray for our family for victory over what looks like an impossible situation. prayers are much need and appreciated. In Jesus name, Pauline, Kevin, & Robert

09-06-18 please pray for Lisa, she has been sick for a while and waiting test results to come back, please pray this is an easy fix and for God to help me emotionally too. thank you

09-04-18 please pray for a church in Redding, Calif. as there are a lot of people being drawn to this and some concerned Christians say this is not good, Pray for the Christians going there to be strong enough to make a difference and stand up and speak the truth. Pray that God keeps them safe from all dangers. thank you

09/04/18 please pray for my son for a good job, he graduated 3 months ago from a christian college with high student loans he wants to honor God with his life, he is discouraged, depressed and lonely, He need a miracle. please pray for someone to reach out to him with a great job. your prayers mean so much to us, thank you

08-27-18 Please continue to pray for Joyce Family. thanks

08-24-18 please pray for Shirley, Kidney and liver issues. thanks

08-22-18 David from AZ is asking to prayer for God to show him the correct church to start attending.

08-18-18 Please pray for a friend of Guy, for the health of this friend. thanks

08-18-18 Guy, please continue to pray for him over this court date that his coming up, that God shows favor to him, and all the case will be dropped. thanks and God Bless

08-21-18 prayers for the Holling family, they lost their mom. thanks

08-20-18 Emily needs prayer for her family, her children all 4 of them, her mother, and her sister. thanks

please pray for Larry for his health, thank you

08-19-18 Please pray for Vicky as her back is bothering her, she is is much pain. and for her sister Penny who is having knee surgery again, on the same knee that was done a while back as she had an allergic reaction to something in the material used, pray it heals quickly. thank you

08-19-18 Please pray for Ann she has cancer, pray God will heal her from this.

08-17-18 pay for Ron and his son and family, daughter Kim and and family and Ron's wife Pat, for their salvation, and for pats eyes to heal.

08-16-18 Dear CSN, I thank God and you for your ministry and what a blessing it is in my life and undoubtedly the lives of many people. My mother recently passed away from lung cancer. I believe she is with the Lord now and I thank you for your prayers, Would you please pray for my families salvation. names,Ana, Marie, Milan, Paul, Sue, Matt, and also my relatives and friends, and that a rivival would take place in our country and around the world, I am grateful. May God bless you and keep you all. Love in Jesus, Mark "but we will give ourselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the word. Acts 6:4

08-16-18 Folks, I really need your prayers, never thought the day would come American DEMOCRATS would Blatontly fight against American progress, 12 years in the USAF did not prepare me fro government upheavel like today THESE MOUNTAIN MEN SHOW are really looking like the way out. Seriosly please pray. Lavonne

08-16-18 Im asking prayer that my document will be granted to me next month in September as a gift, I believe in you Jesus as my savior, who has always made the way for me, your daughter Sando

08-14-18 Please pray for SV, many issues, God knows what they are for family and friends, ones who struggle with Meth, alcohol, SV has glacoma and cataracts, needs a good eye DR. Also pray for our borders to be protected, No illegal immigrants, and stop abortions. thanks, SV

08-13-18 please pray for my son Scott, he is filled with anger, bitterness, and self pity, he retired as a commander from the Navy and went on to become a highly paid officer in a business, Sadly, he married a woman with 2 sons and after 15 years of marriage, hjs life is miserable. Please pray for Scott and his wife Cecilia to humble themselves before God. for them to receive the peace, love and joy that comes from the HIM. thank you

08-12-18 need spiritual healing, I've been a believer all my life, but 2 years ago I started experiencing intense bouts of depression and my life has taken a lot of unhappy turns in the last 7 months. It ravaged my spirit quite a lot and I've never felt so consistantly broken or abandoned.. thanks for the prayers for healing.

08-12-18 please pray for Betty she is 95 and fell and needs healing thanks

08-12-18 Please pray for Darlene who has cancer it has spread to her kidney's, they are starting Kemo and radiation on Tuesday please pray for healing thank you

08-09-18 please pray for Glo. God knows the issies at hand and he can change all things to be better in her life. thanks

08-09-18 prayer for Terry, he has been married for 27 years and is going through a separation. He is a Christian his wife Sue, is not a christian, please pray for her, she needs healing from her past issues. and to become a christian. Terry feels like the devil is attacking his marriage, please pray for this to end. and they can be joined together again. thanks

08-08-18 Alice is asking for prayers for her family members. thank you so very much

08-08-18 pray for Maggie to go and see a doctor to see what is going on with her health. thank you

08-08-18 please pray for Agustise 1 year old and has not spoken anything yet, taking him to a doctor to see about testing to be sure he is ok and just not ready to talk yet. and also pray for Tony who has shingles on his face. thank you

08-08-18Please pray for Karen and her 3 daughters for q\guidance, direction, mercy and grace and God bless you, thank you

08-08-18 pray for Guy, who is going to court on the 27th or 29th, he would like to have the charges dropped. thanks

08-07-18 pray request is this: A recent change in Montana Dept of Corrections policy has created a significant mad block for a small number of women here who are considered violent offenders and also myself who is not considered to be a violent offender, however I did kick a police officer in the leg while being arrested for a DUI and in a drunken blackout, It looks like this policy change will affect me as well. We really need prayer that our changes to receive rehabilitive treatment will not be over riden by this policy change. most of the women are already accepted at their respective Dept. of corrections program placements as deemed appropriate, however now we are at a complete standstill on a HOLD for the indefinite amount of time. My situation is a little different as I am praying to be accepted into a DUI treatment program, which is not a Dept of corrections run program. and with this policy change I could be denied the opportunity altogether. I have completed impatient rehab programs but always fall short, when I get home and the pressures of being a wife and mother are one again introduced into my life and I relapse on alcohol each and every time.would specifically address my shortcomings and teach me how to correct them. Prayers for all of us women who are affected by this policy change to get to move on and participate in the rehab programs that will best suit their needs in a timely fashion so we may be re-united with our families without further delay. Please pray for all of us to be delivered from our addictions. I will continue to pray for CSN and for the continuance of its success in reaching people with the word of God thank you and God bless, Dawn

08-07-18 Dear Brothers and Sisters, Thank you for your much needed bible study, I listen in my car when I can have some quiet and privacy. I'm going through a bad and sad situation since my soul mate started drinking, please pray for Robert. Sincerely, Rita

08-07-18 please pray for my son for a good job, he graduated 3 months ago from a christian college with high student loans he wants to honor God with his life, he is discouraged, depressed and lonely, He need a miracle. please pray for someone to reach out to him with a great job. your prayers mean so much to us, thank you

08-03-18 please pray for court day Aug 27 or Aug 29th for the defendant to have favor also for his family to sop stealing from him. thanks,

07-31-18 pray for Jackie and her family, for guidance and God's protection.

07-31-18 pray for Paul and Shirley to find Jesus. and Pray for Marie for joy and health.

07-30-18 Message: Hi my name is Jenni Lee, I am a 34 years old disabled with multiple fibroids in my uterus (Causing me to bleed out heavily, had to have 4 blood transfusions in 3 months) about to have surgery to remove my uterus and i have been having a very hard time scheduling the surgery. I lost my mom a couple of years ago while discussing my options about my fibroids. I have since become homeless and lost all support when my mother died. I am battling mental illness as well and my brother and remaining family i have left do not understand what it is i am dealing with. I am trying so hard to get up each day and to have the strength to schedule this surgery. I ask if you can please pray for me to have the strength to go through this and to hopefully reconnect with my family one day. I listen to your station every day from the moment i wake up to the moment i go to sleep and i want to thank you all so much for that. God bless you all

07-29-18 Brenda needs prayer for healing in her body, she has a sweet smell in her urine and the Dr. says she is not ready for diabetic medicine, so please pray this issue is gone and does not need that medicine. thanks

07-29-18 update on Chris, she passed away and is peaceful now, she believed that God was waiting with open arms and heart of love for her. thanks for the prayers. Amen

07-24-18 Please pray for Elaine's Family to find Jesus.

07-23-18 Prayer for Doug, he is having issues with his vision, and wants this healed fast, also prayerrs for his brother Jerry who needs to finds Jesus again. thank you

07-17-18 Pray for John for healing, he would like a special prayer for this healing (God knows what it is)

07-17-18 please pray for Michelle and her family, they lost a loved one and also need to have a car as their cars are broken down.

07-15-18 Message: Dear Prayer Warriors, Praise God that friend RM contacted me with update on situation. Requesting prayer for friend RM: -RM submit to God, let Him help; -God will intervene, show RM His mercy/grace; -clear RM's thoughts for good decision-making; -put GOOD people in RM's path who can help through all this; -God would get the glory!! Thank you Listener in California

07-15-18 Please pray for our family, loved ones and friends, many are having trouble and broken hearts. Thank you God for our many blessings. Amen. Vickie

07-12-18 Rose needs prayer for wisdom and peace, also for her son to be free from addiction of drugs, Pray for Alfred, Lydia, Cruzito and pray for visitation.

07-08-08 Pray for Joyce's family

07-08-18 pray for Ron and Jennifer for strength and comfort and healing. For only God is the one true physician. amen

07-08-18 pray for this ministry to continue to grow and spread the living word of Jesus Christ. Amen

07-08-18 Pray for all who are in any kind of bondage, Free them Lord Jesus. Amen

07-08-18 pray for all who are crying out to Jesus Christ. may he come quickly to all who cry for Him, that they may be saved. Amen

07-08-18 Pray for healing for Debbie

07-05-18 Ian is asking for prayers for his family, Mom has cancer for the 3rd time, and Dad has asked the kids to have all the guns and such removed from the house as the depression is affecting everyone. Ian is looking for a job. thank you and God bless.

07-03-18 Please pray for Quoc for God to continue to bless and protect him, and that God gives me clear guidance and power to do and know his will. pray I get my car up and running for a cheap price. thank you

06-28-18 pray for Madonna, sh is having anxiety also pray for her family. thanks

06-26-18 Marie is asking for prayers, she hears voices and they are telling her to commit suicide.

06-26-18 Pray for Terri, wants salvation and keeps lying to the Lord. makes promises and then breaks them. thank you

06-26-18 please pray for Angel Starr for health issues, thanks

06-24-18 please keep Chris Johnson in prayer, she is on a list fora heart and lungs, thanks, Amen

06-20-18 please pray for Darlene Brown, she has bladder cancer, and will have surgery to remove this, her kidney and bladder are to weak for radiation treatments, thank you

06-18-18 Pray for a sweet lady named Joy in California, She is ill with Lime Disease also lost her husband, she is lonely, need energy, and friends and to know God is with her.

06-15-18 Please pray for my husband Warren, he has stage 4 cancer and in his last days here. Pray for him to put all his trust and faith in Jesus Christ, for him to be pain free, and to pass peacefully at home. thank you Carol

06-11-18 my family needs serious prayer, Julie Johnson age 53, a drinking and drug problem, and has lost her mind, her son age 24 is on heroin , my great grand daughter Tedie as 28 wants to leave her girls, she was raised a Jehovah Witness, and their dad Cody is on pills and drugs, She was a perfect mom, if ever could be , My son Steve, age 54 is a Jehovah Witness and a hard worker, no drugs just beer. Thanks for the prayers for my family SV

06-11-18 Rita is asking for prayer as she has an infection but the Dr. cannot find the source even through all the tests. thank you

06-10-18 Please pray for Chris Johns in Salt Lake, and Judy Mason, who is dying of cancer Maybe this week, Give her God's peace and God's blessings.

06-08-18 Pray fro Kathy for health and wisdom, weather to sell her house now or wait on selling it,

06-08-18 Please pray for Noah, that he will accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior, he has been listening to the Word and has come to church with his mom a few times. Thanks

06-07-18 Please pray for Mona as she is having pains in her back etc. and Dr says it might be a gall bladder issue, they are waiting for the test results, and she might need surgery. She is scared and asked for prayers.

06-07-18 please pray for Evelyn, she broke out in shingles on her face and near her eye. Please pray for this to go away and never return, the pain is very intense and she is concerned about her eye as the Dr. is too. thank you

06-05-18 please pray for Carol, as she is struggling with an old issue and needs to get rid if it., she has asked God to forgive her, but she can't get rid of the memories, please pray for her to stay focused on the positives and not dwell on the negatives. and give it all to God. thanks,

Please pray for Kevin as he is struggling with neck and back pain. He knows he can be healed from this pain. also pray for him to find a church, the right one that teaches God's word, as it has been 2 years since he has been to a church. thank you

Please pray for my family as we struggle with death of dad to cancer. and thank you for the Effect radio and the music that Jon plays.

Guy called in and needs prayer for the court date and have the judge give him mercy and find him not guilty.

06-04-18 please pray from my family, especially my son John thank you

06-03-18 please pray and keep Chris Johns in your thoughts and prayers, been moved to top of list for a heart. and she is firm in her heart and faith.

05-31-18 pray for a ladies sister and sisters family for salvation & for protection so as to not turn to muslim faith

05-30-18 pray for Madonana and her family, for wisdom, health, and happiness, & for answers to her questions.

05-29-18 Kathy from Palm Springs would like prayer, she has a hard time walking.

05-23-18 Health, relationship, job message: Greetings, please pray for my restored health regarding cancer, a marriage, and peace and healthy job situation for our son in the Air Force. God be Glorified!!!!!! Thank you and God Bless Daniel

05-23-18 prayer for healing message: A 12 y/o boy, his name is John Yuri Ortega from Bulacan,Philippines. He is now at the icu, suffered stroke due to blood clot in the brain. please pray for his past recovery and complete healing. Thanks for your prayer! May God bless you more. To God be the glory!

05-22-18 prayer for Betsy she had blood work done, and would like prayer for the results to be good

05-21-18 Lady would like prayer she is going to a lawyer to see about visitation rights for her grandson who is 12, she needs wisdom and direction.

05-18-18 John and Alison are asking for prayers for their marriage, thank you for bringing HOPE

update on Keri Anne Jensen from Last Nov 29, missing and now her car and remains have been found. please pray for closure for her family.

05-16-18 Sherry and her family need prayers for safety and wisdom also prayers for her brother in prison and for her son and grandsons.

05-16-18 Mark has a settlement coming up, and would like prayer fro justice and a fair settlement

05-15-18 please pray for Beatrice for her vision. The Doctor said she will lose her vision but she has faith God will not take her vision.Also pray for her family Ted, Dan and Chacey and for health and wisdom.

05-14-18 please pray for my health, that God will heal me. thank you Teresa


05-12-18 Mom\'s healing message: Please pray for complete and total healing for my Mom, Sylvia. Please pray that they find out what is causing the problem of paleness, tiredness and possible bleeding ulcer and heal her quickly and that nothing happens to her in the meantime. Please pray for her to live a very long, healthy and happy life. She is a magnificent person, beyond words. Thank you and God bless.

05-05-18 to Pastor Mike and the crew and to all the family and teachers on CSN and Every Man and Answer program. I want to tell you what a great job you do and and how firm and strong the commitment is to share God's word on the air and handle questions with such great care and concern for the individuals calling in. Also need pray for wisdom as our church is in chaos, our pastor is not walking like he should. he is like Obama who is anti church,also it is all about pro abortion and pro this and pro that. Please pray for me to have the wisdom to walk in and address issues. I do not want to condem anyone one, but to walk in love and teach others the correct ways. thanks again for all the prayers and fro all you do. and this great ministry you have. God bless

05-01-18 please pray for family who is not walking according to God's word but going different directions with Islam and Catholic beliefs. this family member is concerned for them to be saved and to know the truth. thanks

05-01-18 Jr is 80 years old and needs prayer for digestive issues. thanks

05-09-18 Matthew Erik Granzow I NEED HELP !!!!!!!!!!!! message: I need PRAYER and HEALING !! And a HeXX Removed From ME !! In JESUS Name !!!!!!!!!!!!

05/06/18Please keep Brenda in your prayers, as she lost one of her temps jobs. thanks

05-02-18 Angel needs prayer for wisdom to find a good Doctor and to get a referral, thanks

05-02-18 subject: Prayer for broken relationship message: Please pray for Johnathan. He ended our engagement, because he feels hurt by me. Pray that God would bring reconciliation and restoration to our relationship. Pray for God to continue to soften both of our hearts.

05-02-18 subject: complete healing and restoration/ prayers for my children & grands/financial breakthrough please and thank you god bless~ message: asking for prayers for a complete healing and restoration in my body/ prayers for my children and grands to be covered in the blood of the lamb Amen/ prayer for transportation so that i may get my autistic son to his doctors appointments/ in need of a financial breakthrough please and thank you God bless~

05-01-18 Marriage message: Please pray for the reconciliation and restoration of Frederick and Lucia. Please let us and our children be brought back together to the foundation the Lord built through us.

04-19-18 subject: demonic message: this thing keeps bothering us I need your prayer total victory over this bothering us in night, we really prayer also Dandrea hardy thanks

04-29-18 please pray for a dear family member Chris is her name, She's in Utah, they took her from our hospital to theirs, her heart is failing, Amen thank you

04-29-18 Please pray for Ivan Carlos Gutierez Jr. For the Lord to give him strength and heal him in all area of his life.

04-26-18 message: please pray for carly, her daughter and caleb. Carly\'s aunts are trying to take her 2 year old away instead of helping her emotionally and financially. I need prayer that God doesn\'t allow it and keep mother and daughter together. Caleb is my son who is trying to help carly and her 2 year old. Please pray for all 3. Thank you, Trish

04-25-18 message: Please pray for Lynn Laspisa, she was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and has 3 months to live. I ask for healing prayers and prayers of salvation as she is Catholic and not born again. God bless you and your ministry. You are the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.

04-24-18 please pray for Anthony, this is his story, I have been in and out of prison my whole life, county jails, state prisons and have picked up drugs on my release, only to be returned to my familiar surroundings - Prison again.and again, sad to say. I am now in Federal prison serving 6 1/2 years for bank robbery. I believe that Jesus died for my sins and I have confessed Jesus is Lord, I have prayed in the past and have been set free of my bondage. My addiction has been going on and off for years. I have gotten sober thru AA and also through the getting on my knees, So I know first hand the power of God is immeasurable. The mother of my children passed away due to an overdose. This is and has had a devastating effect on my well being. I'm fine but I want to USE, I do not want to return to active addiction, I will end my sentence in Aug. 2021 That being said, I am asking for your help in that you please help me to help my life. I need prayers for this please, I will certainly continue my walk with Christ, and ask for you to join me in this deadly fight I'm in, that this destroying our nations children, mothers, fathers.and all. I thank you and pray fro all of you. God Bless, Anthony

04-23-18 Guy and his court date is now Sept 18 please pray for all to go good and be in his favor

04-24-18 message: Thank you for uniting with me in prayer. God with His GPS knows where my we all are. As a point of contact He locates me and my requests, and knows the little details: Always! Salvation for my son and his little girls, lifetime hedge of protection and favor around them along with directing their steps to their Godly purpose. As for myself, secure my new living arrangement, on Dublin Street in California, God knows where - will be paying my rent on the 1st and there after, every month, may all go smoothly with rental payment and rental itself, secure it for at least a year until I can find a long term home or living arrangement. Cover me withe the Blood of Jesus, surround this home with angels and keep the peace. Eventually give me my own home where I will never have to worry or go through homelessness again. Secure my part time job as I continue to look for second job, meanwhile as God locates my long term permanent employer where I can retire. Or what ever it is You have for me Lord God. Maybe self employment entepenuership. Last, process my skincare license successfully without hold or glitches as I do every two years. Clear all debt. Resolve legal matters and settlements this year. Direct my steps on what to do and what school online for JD program and the finances for it. Renew me like the eagle and bring unspoken request to my front door this summer.

04-22-18 Pray for a Sweet friend Chris, a true believer, her heart is failing, please God give her comfort and also her family. Amen.

04-22-18 Darlene Brown needs prayer for healing of her bladder , bleeding, thinks is cancer, she is concerned that it is bad, but knows God can make a way.

04-22-18 Please pray for Robert, his surgery went very well, he is now struggling with his right hand, it feels like it is asleep and numb also this one ear is having so difficulties. Pray God will heal him as good as new thank you

04-22-18 Prayer from Steve Message: For a Job please thank you.

04-19-18 please pray for Rita in Washington she is a widow, all alone, no help, no Dr, has a broken neck, and kidney problems. thank you and God bless.

04-18-19 please pray for my grandchildren Jacob, and Darian, they have both been into drugs and are overcoming this. thanks

04-19-18 please pray for the finances of my parents to help meet all the needs they have.

04-19-18 Nancy is asking for pray for her Chocolate Lab Charlie is his name is 12 years and he is her best friend, he got out and has not been found. please pray he is ok and will come home.

04-19-18 please pray for my granddaughter whom I don't get to see much anymore, we both cry and miss each other terribly, I'm not handling this very well, I'm depressed over it all.

04-19-18 please pray for Jason who has acid refux and might need is gall bladder out. thank you

04/19/18 Guy is asking for prayer for his court date, for people to stop telling lies about him and for him to keep his mouth shut. court to find in favor for me., to be able to move my money from one bank to another and no one stopping me.for everyone to show favor to a poor person, the bank is charging me with trespassing., I thank you that I did find my wallet so thanks for those prayers,pray for my friends health, and let my family let me make my own decisions.thank you and God bless.

04-19-18 Pray for Nancy and Janice for salvation, pray for housing for 2 families in the neighborhood , and all the neighbors in our neighbor hood and for Christians Family,

04-16-18 please pray for Angel, her health is not good

04-16-18 subject: Miracle message: Please pray that I get an economic miracle soon. Pray for a blessed year and good days to come. Pray for a trip to Israel this coming summer. I do need some miracles when I visit Israel. Especially I need to get free of debt in Jesus name. Hopefully Jesus will answer very soon. Pray that he will bless my economy with miracles very soon .Pray for my family and friends. Pray in Jesus name and he will hear us from heaven. Pray that he will send his blessing to me these days to come. We pray that he will answer our needs in life. Everything is under his control. He takes care of his children. Thanks to everyone that pray for me. I am ever grateful for that. I will pray that God bless your life in many ways. He will open a door for me and I need to hear from him very soon. He listens to our heart. Thanks and God bless you so much.

04-16-18 Message: My wife Jennifer and I have been married for 20 years. We are separated now and I would love to stay married for 20+ years with her. Would you be so kind to announce a prayer request over the radio? Thank you.

04-13-18 please pray for my family and me, I'm asking God to restore my marriage, if it be his will. May God bless you all. Georgia

04-13-18 Carol needs prayer she will be moving into a retirement home and pray also her daughter Annette her health is not good.

04/08/18 Please pray for salvation of friends and loved ones. pray for Lynn Vickers has cancer thank you

04-12-18 Grand daughter Olivia is 14 years old,. she has a hard life, her parents in and out of prison. raised by grandparents and now she is having sexual issues. please pray for her heart and life to change and for Jesus to help

04-11-18 Debra would like prayer to help her get some sleep

04-09-18 subject: Prayer message: Prayer that my anxiety stops and that I can live day by day. I get anxiety everyday, sometimes it gets really hard and I can\'t function. I hear voices telling me to commit suicide. I don\'t want to, but it doesn't stop sometimes and I am afraid. Marie


04/06/18 Beatrice would like prayer for her brother Bill who is in the hospital, they might take his foot off, also her Beatrice health too.

04-03-18 Prayer request for Marie to have a personal relationship with Jesus. For Dan to have an open mind to other churches. for the hate Marie has to go away, and for both good health.

04/02/18 Lance Kromer wants prayer for his arthritis which is in both hands and wrists thank you

04/03/18 subject: Prayer for peace and courage message: I am a man of God, lead prayer service(s), but I am afraid and sometimes terrified in my home because I live alone. Please pray for me that God in the name of Jesus can rid me of this generational fear of the unknown. To believe and have faith that nothing will harm me or touch me, not just talk about it. I feel ashamed to even ask for prayer when I am supposed to be the one that love to pray and always telling other to pray without ceasing. I am really getting tired of living like this for years. Thank you.

04/03/18 subject: Physical problem message: Kindly pray for me, that I would be healed from varicocele in testicle.

04-1-18 Pray for the Welcher-Navanisin Family Visiting today at the River, and on the road trip to grand canyon, pray for safety and traveling mercies. also pray for my co -workers to receive salvation. I shared a gospel tract this week Her name is Sachiko thank you

04-01-18 I'm praying for the country and I pray for my self for healing. Charrie

04-01-18 Please pray for my good friend Linda, she has brain cancer and has little time left on this earth and that god will bless her

04-01-18 I pray for those who don't know you, I call out to you Lord Jesus, I pray you change their lives as you changed mine, I love you mu savior, praise you father, your daughter Mona . I pray my daughters find their way to you Lord, and that you reveal yourself to them and change their lives I pray my soon to be step son finds his way to the Lord and that he finds an apt of his one soon and has a happy life. I am also in need of funds for car repair, I meed to be in Boise in July for my disability, I pray fro stability and peace in my home, thank you all for praying and believing with me. Mona

03-30-18 please pray for Guy Davis, going to court on April 18 and would like prayers

04-02-18 please pray for Evelyn as she is really sick she is 80 this month and has poor health thank you

03-28-18 Work and rental message: Tomorrow I go to see two homes that are renting rooms; need a lot of prayer for this, for God to choose the correct one and secure it for at least a year or until I can have my own home. Fervent prayer for this and to end homelessness, have a home of my own someday soon while I live with others for a time. Fervent prayer for my work place - part time job I have, break all witchcraft black magic Santeria against me my career in general. May no weapon forged against me prosper and instead may I thrive even more so and grow to have job security. Wash that place with the Blood of Jesus and myself covered with his Blood always there and until my return to my Creator. Second job, may that come too soon and stabilize my financial security. Or full time management and better salary that will be secure. And in closing, something I usually ask first, is always, always, always, Salvation of my son Seth and his girls, Valerie and Kiley, along with a hedge or protection over and around them and to be the man and little girls and eventually women of God that the Lord planned them to be. Baptism in the Holy Spirit especially over him.

03-29-18 please pray for me to find my key to safety deposit box, and for legal matters with his bank charging with him with tress passing.

03-26-18 please pray for Lance, he has arthritis in both his hands thank you

03/26/18 subject: Please pray message: [We read] In the King James Bible, Ezekiel 22:30: \"And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.\" O God, please help us and teach us to build a wall [of prayer] around the USA, Canada and Poland. Are you ready to stand in the gap, where God is the Helper and Teacher? Please pray that Poland, the USA/Canada would overcome for: (The Acts 26.18). * Poland, pray for freedom from dead religion to saving faith of Jesus Christ as the Saviour and the Lord by faith only, * the Church in the USA, Canada ‚€“ Pray for repentance and cleansing of the church--Matt. 3.12 \"Whose fan is in his hand, and he will thoroughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.\" * my family: 1. Stir up the hearts of my family for ministry for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, and our sons Peter and Daniel - \"..but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord\" Joshua 24.15 2. Pray for God\'s will, wisdom, discernment, revelation and recognition for me and my family; I ask God for great wisdom in school for Daniel, and for Edmund‚€™s work situation, for Dorothy and Peter (also God\'s direction for his life) and Ann (God\'s protection over the company where she works), 3. God\'s order in my work. I ask God for great wisdom at my work. Blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses. Thank God for the continuation of my work. Edmund & Dorothy Krzeminski

03-18-18 update on Lyn ---- So I need more prayers. Just keep them coming. Lyn has become more aware and is getting his feisty-ness back. He's still not fully there but so far it's a miracle he speaking so well today 💖 I'm nervous, however, that when he is fully aware and able to get out of bed that he will leave against Doctors' orders. He needs the therapy and rehabilitation desperately. Anybody who knows Lyn knows that he is SO stubborn. I ask and plead that you would pray that he listens to his doctors and his family. That he sticks it out and puts in the hard and so-very-necessary work. This is incredibly important. I thank anybody who is praying and who will be praying. I have so much appreciation for you. Your prayers are working 💖💖💖 sorry if I missed any family.

03-18-18 subject: Please pray for Ashley & Nichole to come back to The Lord message: My twin girls, God gave me, are 26yrs, single & have strayed far away from Him. Nichole needs to be delivered from many things, like uncontrollable anger, rage & depression (will not go for counseling & wants to only treat w/natural remedies) & continues to struggle. Ashley is letting a \"roommate\" control her life, posts super ungodly things for the world to see on Facebook (including loving Grandparents, family); I suspect that she is living a gay lifestyle, but not told parents. Please pray for their loving father, Dale, to get saved. I live on the Beautiful Central Oregon Coast (Pacific City) & listen to CSN daily online, as we cannot get any regular radio stations here. My anchor! Thank you so very much! Carolyn

03-18-18 subject: need money message: need to pay off back due child support

03-18-18 pray list of loved ones Laaken Draper for strength, Kylee Chesley, Smooth Loius, Haul Hill, Mac McCormic, and Calbeb Hitton for salvation, Anna for recovery and salvation. Ira Gray Martinez family for healing, Steve Bear and Al Conway Health and healing. thank you

03-18-18 Asking for prayer for my husband and 7 yr old son, for strength as I have a warrant against me and I need to go turn myself in, I am worried about my family because I have no idea how long I will be gone. thank you

03-18-18 Please pray for my mom and dad and my cat, Amen

03-12-18 Mom asking fro prayer for deliverance fro her daughter Shanequa and she is born again when she was 20, and she just married a woman. I believe God can deliver her, I took my 2 girls to church as they were growing up, I moved to Las Vegas and need a church to go to, please pray I find to right one. I listen to CSN everyday, God bless you always Georgia Jones. My girls names are Quaderlyn and Shanequa thank you

03-12-18 Please pray for Louie and his wife, they have been marries for for 30years and are having issues, and pray for their health too, please pray for their grandson. thank you

03-11-18 Please pray for a child 5 yrs old starting into puberty , Dr. wants to do injections, family wants to do treatments naturally and not use drugs. Please pray for Go'd hand to touch this young child and correct this issue. thank you.

03-11-18 please pray for Robert, he had a tumor removed from his brain the size of a lemon, he looks good, but has some issues with his right hand. please pray for God to heal this issue too, and anything else that he is struggling with. thank you

03-11-18 pray for Rebecca in Southern CA., as she is struggling with drugs and being a teenager, she is in need of help. thank you.

03-11-18 Please pray for Raul, he needs back surgery this week before the pinched nerves are damaged beyond repair. He is in pain can hardly walk, he will be laid up and off work for a couple of months, so the family needs lots support and prayers for healing, thank you and God Bless

03-08-18 Marie is asking for prayer --- subject: Anxiety and psychotic episodes message: Please pray that my anxieties decrease and that my medicine start working

03-07-18 subject: Healing to my family and my nervous system message: My name is David, please pray for me, my wife Stephanie and our 6 your old son Meyers. I have been severely ill for four years, since having a bad reaction to a medication. It has taken away my health and caused such severe prolonged trauma that my family is in a horribly broken state. Pray God will show us a sign soon that my Health will be fully restored, that he will begin to take us out from under this horribly oppressive weight. Pray for guidance with Drs, and wisdom, and that everything begins to work, and healing is apparent. I have suicidal thoughts every day, severe ptsd, nightmares, horrible physical sensations (chronic head and neck tension, burning inside my body in my arms and back, severe sensitivity to light). I can't work, I can't take my son to school and pick him up, I used to play music professionally and build, I can't perform in public. My body has chronic severe anxiety and depression, I never feel like I am in reality. I can't walk for five minutes without it feeling like my system is crashing from fatigue and exhaustion. I have been to clinics all around the country. Pray the answer will become clear and I will just begin to feel relief and hope now, and that my family will be fully restored to love and peace and goodness, and that we will be given our life back. Pray God no longer allows the suffering to go on another day, week or month, without at least hope of it ending. Thank you

03-05-18 Alfred Brown subject: God Save Eric message: Please pray for Eric. Please pray for his conversion to faith in Jesus Christ. Please pray for the salvation of his soul. Pray for God\'s grace and mercy to heal his soul!!

03-05-18 please pray for Tom Cooper, he has Parkinson's and dementia and struggles, he has bad spells, Pray for grandson Jacob he was on heroin, pray for deliverance, salvation and for his mom and dad too. Update on grand daughter Blakley who is doing well, but needs physical and occupational therapy at the age of 1 & 1/2 month old, the Lord has really healed her and we all all so thankful Areal miracle bless you all, Patsy

03-05-18 Pray for Lance Kromer, He has pain in his hands and wrists, he has arthritis and would like prayer for healing. thank you

03-05-18 name: Tom subject: Lord, please grant me Your promises message: Please pray that our good Lord will grant me my hearts desire for reconciliation with the one I love. The holy word reminds us of God\'s will for reconciliation and our good Lord promised us our hearts desire. Please pray that he will grant me this in Jesus name. Thank you...

03/04/18 Please pray for a family friend Tina who is dealing with cancer and Please pray for a cousin Randy Heart Attack thanks you and God bless.

03-01-18 That he will worship God and not worship any family members, and for my family to stop stealing my money

03-01-18 Please pray for my grown daughter Samantha and her husband Robert for their salvation.

03-01-18 Susan would like prayers for her grown children Sarah and Daniel and their families for salvation. thank you

03-01-18 Charles having surgery please pray for him to be healed. thank you

03-12-18 please pray for Grace she is in the hospital and has been for 3 weeks with an eating disorder, Devil is attacking her. thank you Brenda

03-01-18 subject: prayer\'s for myself and also asking for prayers for the salvation of all my grown children and their family\'s. message: please pray for me that I can have victory over this fear that is over me most of the time. I want with all my heart to serve my God in all truth and sincerity pray also for my family\'s salvation and the problems in their live\'s that they go through. Thank you,.Edith

02/28/18 prayer request for Deloris Sackett to be healed from cancer.thank you

02-28-18 Prayers for Dan He would like to retire but needs medical insurance. and prayers for his health too.

02-27-18 Prayers for Marie in AZ for health and a softer heart

02-27-18 Please pray for finances and to find a transmission for a van, Family in Washington

02-187-18 Joy needs pray for her house situation, has to to with Asset protection , now the bank is for closing on this and the need to move within 15 days. Please pray for this to be all turned around so they won't loose the home they have lived in for all these years. thank you

02-27-18 please pray for a daughter to return to the Lord and his words and give up the worlds ways and that life style.

02/27/18 add on 2-28-18 pray for this man to have his family honor God as he does. pray for a guys family as they are trying to be a god over him. also for God to give him wisdom over aver all things, to let the PO mail his letters, World Wide revival. his apt Manager to turn the AC off. for me to be able to make my own decisions, says his relative are try to kill his friends, and that my God will be my God and not my family members thank you

02-27-18 please pray for world wide repentance and revival.

02/26/18 Please pray for Raul as he is having back problems and will have an injection to help the pain. thank you

02/26/18 Please lift up Beverly and Jerry and their families, also James and his wife, thank you

02/26/18 SALVATION message: That satan, his demon\'s, and agents, be bound and my mother, my sibblings and there families, ex-wife, her family, my children, and grand children come to true faith and repentance. Myself to walk in humility, more Jesus and less me! Amen....... Thank you and blessings!

02-22-18 Pray for wisdom and prayers for worship only God and not family members

02-22-18 Cancer Healing Prayer Request message: My mother is suffering from cancer in breast, lung, bone and brain. Kindly pray for her.

02-20-18 Watch and Pray for North Korea The eyes of the world are on Pyeongchang, South Korea, for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. Millions of viewers around the world are enjoying the athletic accomplishments, pageantry and sense of comradery the games inspire. A little more than 50 miles north of Pyeongchang lies the border with the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, a land of physical and spiritual darkness ruled by the brutal Kim regime. North Korean Christians are hunted by their government to be executed or sent to concentration camps, and just owning a Bible can be a capital offense. North Korea will not ultimately be changed by Olympic PR efforts, domestic politics, international negotiations or bombs. It will be changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. This month, The Voice of the Martyrs invites you to help us shine the light of truth into North Korea by supporting VOMís ministry work there. Your gift will help advance the gospel in four ways: GOSPEL BALLOONS BIBLE DELIVERY SUPPORT FOR FRONT-LINE WORKERS COVERT GOSPEL OPERATIONS Help Reach North Korea with the Gospel As you watch the conclusion of the Olympic Games this week, will you remember to pray for North Korea? Perhaps you could pause during each commercial break to pray for Christians being starved and forced to work each day in prison camps. Perhaps every time you hear a national anthem you could pray for revival in North Korea and for the safe delivery of evangelistic materials like New Testaments and gospel balloons. By this time next week weíll know the final medal count. Weíll know who won each event in this yearís Winter Olympics. But only later, in eternity, might we know the full effects of our prayers on the people and nation of North Korea. How many people might place their faith in Christ as a result of gospel balloon drops, Christian radio broadcasts and other projects that VOM supports? Join us in prayer and in support of reaching North Koreans for Christ.

02/14/18 Pray for Vicky and Diana, Diana needs wisdom in if she should move or not. Vicky pray for peace, she lost her husband, and and pray for Vicky's daughter and family to be saved, and fro Chris not to be yelling at the baby. thanks

02/14/18 Pray for my brother, he is in prison, he was falsely accused, Mike needs prays for all their family. thank you

02/13/18 A guy in Washington wants prayer for everyone to stop eves dropping on his phone conversations, and also to prayer for wisdom for him

02-12-18 Prayer for Maggie, she is 30 years old , she has brain cancer and for her mom. thank you

02-12-18 Prayer request please pray that the Post Office delivers my mail

02-09-18 subject: snow message: Please pray for more snow storms to come the western half of our country and for cold weather to keep it from melting too soon. I fear this whole area will be on fire this summer without enough water. Thank you

02-08-18 Tom has Parkinsons decease he is 73 and he struggles to sleep. Please pray for him and his wife who is 71 that they continue and finish well with God.

02-08-18 Daniel Wilkerson is 28 yrs old and is struggling, has an addiction problem and wants this gone, he lives in his car with his 100# lab dog, he has been listening to CSN and has given his life to the Lord, he would like God to open doors for him to find a place to live now and to keep growing in God's word, to really kick the addiction problem for it never to return. Please pray for me. 707-413-8647 is his phone # if anyone is there that can help him.

02-08-18 Please pray for Ringo, the Dr's. are running more tests, they think the cancer has come back again. thank you everyone.

02-06-18 prayer for Haas Lucky and his family to be reunited with each other with reguard to the law.

02-06-18 pray for me, there are women who think that I want to kill them, which is a lie. please pray for me. thank you

02/05/18 subject: Prayer request for Salvation message: First let us give the Lord thanks for the abundance of all things.Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men; That the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually. Pray against the spirit of anti Christ,false witness,terrorism hatred and violence. Please pray and intercede without ceasing that God\'s will be done in the lives of the world\'s leaders and for our leaders to seek God and listen to Him. Pray that they would be surrounded by godly counsel and, that our leadership would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone. That we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. God can turn the hearts of kings. Earnestly pray that the people of America and its leaders will humble themselves and seek the Lords face and turn from their wicked ways. Pray that the Lord would hear from heaven and forgive our countries sins and heal our land. God Bless America Pray that the Lord would grant peace in America, that we may lie down and no one will make us afraid. That the Lord would remove wild beasts from the land, and that the sword will not pass through our country and that President Trump along with our leaders be filled with power, with the Spirit of the Lord, and with justice and might to declare the sins of Gods people. Please pray for revival and that the Lord would pour out his spirit on his servants, throughout the world both men and women. Pray for the peace of Israel. Gods will be done on earth as it is in heaven.In Jesus Name, Amen. Angela

02/05/18 Linda Subject: moving there Message: pray for me I am moving there to learn and be more Christian godliy and holy not in this crazy hospital on hol please help me I get a check help me move and pray this judge will get out of my life he isn't christian 505 w 2nd Holstein, Iowa51025 my slavation is at stake Lord save me ok lord I wan;t ask for a room in someones house or should i Matthew 25 forgive me Lord i repent

02-05-18 Linda Subject: doubting Message: I've said the sinners prayer a thousand times and my mind is so damaged I have so much pain I started doubting my salvation because I have to suffer so much Please pray for my salvation and Hope havenm???? or that I could move out there and be a part of your community happy and healthy

02-05-18 subject: prayer message: I have very bad anxiety and I hear voices I feel that I\'m suffering from my psychosis thank you Marinett

02-02-18 subject: Imminent prayer requests please!!! message: Tomorrow I return to work after being out for 2 weeks and ask for all to go smoothly and well from getting there to clocking in and through out the day. Secure this employment. Also for my imminent move by March 1st, looking for room rental or roommate asap, have a limited income, will be going to see a couple of places next Thursday on my day off. I am a mature female and it\'s very hard to secure a rental, along with other reasons. But am alone and have no one, have never felt so afraid of not finding a place in time in my life, so afraid, having anxiety attacks and not sleeping. Must find something for at least a year, or what ever God has planned for me. Just not sleeping on a park bench! God come through for me and allow me to secure something by next week. There is also a second job medical office that is offering me a few days of work, if it\'s Your will, allow it Lord I need those hours and additional paycheck.

02-02-18 Mikelle ----- subject: Prayer Request for Deliverance message: I believe in the power of prayer and in the power of prayer in numbers. My family and I need fellow children of God to pray with us and for us. We are undergoing a spiritual warfare. In the name of Jesus we will be victorious and the enemy will perish. I was used as a pawn for an evil man to gain powers that set themselves apart from God. For many years (2012-2017) unknown to me, I was blinded by the veil that was placed over my eyes and I was not myself. For many years I felt oppressed and obligated to him for no apparent reason and the relationships with my family members became strained. We married in March 2017 on a beach and by October 2017, the devil had reared his ugly head and revealed himself. My memory has evaded me for a lot of things. I felt as though my life was literally being sucked out of me. My health felt like it was on a rapid downward spiral. I began to look gaunt, strange and lost weight. I was short-tempered and was always shaking nervously. I always felt as though something was stifling my breath. I could not as much as yawn without feeling an extreme tightness in my throat. It was revealed to me by people who pray for me with all supplication that he made a pact with the devil so that I would die, and in return, he will prosper and be powerful. It was also revealed to me that he had a time limit set on my life to carry out his evil deeds. The individual disappeared from the marital home (a downstairs apartment at my parent\'s residence) for 12 days. During that time, in one of the brief telephone conversations I had with him, I mentioned that he needed to pray and read Psalm 91. The response received by the individual on the other end was, \"that is dangerous.\" I instantly felt an unsettling chill and I began to pray earnestly with my parents as I felt within my spirit that something was terribly wrong. Strange things began to take place. I sought spiritual help with my parent\'s aid and because of the tender mercies of Jesus Christ I began to see everything clearly. I mended the relationships with my family and siblings and sought their prayer intercessions. I knew that I would not live to see November 2017 if I did not leave my country. On Oct 26th 2017, I resigned from my job and left the country secretly. The day I left, my parents told the individual that he needed to gather his belongings and leave instantly. While they were cleaning out the house after his departure, they found things that he had hid unknowingly to us in the house like two small urns. My parents have since gotten our home blessed. However, my parents, siblings and I have been having many evil dreams and I know that he and others are sitting around in counsel and are calling upon things that are not of God to seek me out and devise my hurt (to repay his debts to Satan so he could prosper). We pray earnestly asking God for deliverance. Due to the fact that I was not aware of what was done to me until years after, because Jesus stepped in at the right time to save me and put me in a safe place, I know that the marriage was a sham and was not sanctioned by God. My appearance has, by the grace of God, returned to normal since I have moved away and have continued to remain prayerful and plead the blood of Jesus over my family and I and the situation. In the name of Jesus Christ, I declare and decree victory for my family and I. I am asking for your prayers and intercessions in the name of Jesus Christ to pray for complete deliverance from evil for my family and I. I have complete faith that God will move mountains and as mentioned before, I believe in the power of prayer in numbers. Matthew 18:20, \"For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.\"

01/29/18 My Family message: Please pray for my family. My son is not saved and believes there is no God. When I blow my witness, he says that I am not a real christian. He has three children but does nothing to help them by getting and keeping a job. He does drugs and refuses to get help. He also has a problem with self control. I only have a part time job and make $9.50 an hour and he steals from me and has taken all that I had owned and hocked it at local pawn stores. Stolen gold and silver, guitars, clothes etc to keep his drug habit up. I am at my wits end. Please help me with prayer. Thanks, Kelly

01-29-18 Please pray for Dolly, she is not able to sleep and her chest is shaking, her head feels like something is crawling in it.

01-26-18 1st I want to thank God for CSN and IT's TIME. I love the Lord Jesus and I pray for all the saints of God. I'm asking prayer for my daughters Shanequa 43 and Quadedlyn 46, they say they have been born again, Itook them to church when they were little, But one has married another woman, Shanequa, she needs deliverence. Pray that I keep my joy of the Lord, God bless you all. Love Georgia B Jones.

01/22/18 pray for William Ross and his family, his has addictions and having a hard time overcoming, pray for his girlfriend Tammy and her family thanks

01/22/18 Healing and Deliverance message: Please pray for the complete healing, deliverance, and protection for my daughter Lauren.

01/21/18 Please pray for man who called in with an unspoken prayer. God know his heart and the needs here. thank you

01/21/18 Daughter has walked away from God. message: Please pray for my daughter Taylor(22). She used to walk with God, and now she says she\'s agnostic. Please pray for Godly people to be in her life. Please pray her to come back to the Lord. P.S. My wife and I love your ministries on CSN

01/17/18 Kelly needs prayer she is going through Emotional difficulties, needs salvation and had a new baby a while back, thanks and God bless

1/11/18 Please pray for Larry Benton Family as Larry passed away this morning, Larry was a lobbyist doe ISBA for many years and will greatly missed he was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with very aggressive cancer and died peacefully at home with his family by his side. Funeral will be In Boise Wednesday Jan 17 at 1100 am at the Cross of Christ Lutheran Church on Mc Millan, the Obit can be found at Summers Funeral Home. I had the opportunity to visit with Larry Monday and told him how much he meant to the broad casters and how much we appreciated his help over the years. thank you Connie Searles President & CEO Idaho State Broadcasters Association, Boise, Idaho

1/11/18 Please pray for my mother, who recently had fluid removed from her right lung, which is larger than her left, please pray for the Lord to heal her save her life. May God bless and thank you, Mark

1-11-18 Rooney Sweiger, 24 went missing Jan 1 while traveling from Arkansas to Indiana, please pray he is found soon and is safe. thanks

1/10/18 Mom in Georgia called in for prayer for her son Brent, has a drug addiction, he is now in a jail in Indiana, he has been sick, caught a could, and flu, is coming down form the being off the drugs, having withdrawals, mom said he is in a bad not treated very well, not given warm enough clothes or bedding. He is born again but has gone astray and says he never wants to go to jail again, want to change his life. Please pray hor his heart to change and for his to be released soon. Please pray for the mom and son to find pease during this trial they are facing. thank you.

01/06/18 personal prayer Brenda Morris message: please pray that i find a place to stay before its too late, pray that my income comes in time also for my health problems and that i find my wallet, also that i sell all the furniture in the house, also that i find someone to love me for me and have a family of my own

12/28/17 medical healing message: Need prayers for medical healing, just found out I have a tumor in my mouth. Putting my trust in are savior. May God bless all.

12/27/17 Prayer request message: I made a bad mistake at work. Pray that i get favor at work. Please also pray that my mother does not marry her alcoholic boyfriend. 12-27-17

12/27/17 Please pray for our families health during this Christmas season. Most of my family has been sick and we have to skip Christmas with our families. Please pray for me as well because I have an extreme phobia to the stomach virus and its very difficult for me to step up as a father. Thank you!


12/18/17 please pray for Shelly who is struggling with alcohol and for the lost of her son just recently. thank you

12/17/17 I need a place to stat, pray Dan will rent to me, I also need furniture and money to get in, Thank you, God knows who I am

12/18/17 for family message: Please pray for Brien and Logan to be radically saved, for God to so deeply touch them with His love in the very core of their beings, for Him to make Himself so real to them in a deeply personal way that it changes them forever. Also for my marriage to Steve..for God to give me TONS of love for my husband. Thank you!

12/18/17 Message: Prayer from KS I have found so much freedom in prayer BECAUSE of my mind going different places. I realized God made my mind this way, like a butterfly or bee going from flower to flower and lighting for a few moments. I have found purpose in this! Each place my mind goes becomes something to pray about. It is no different from conversation with a person: wherever the conversation goes extends it indefinitely, is interesting and draws friends closer. We feel satisfied that we are really known in mutual conversation. I believe God's design for our minds gives us plenty to pray about----EVERYTHING! Every annoyance or conflict, every enjoyment of something beautiful, every worry about the future, is an opportunity to pray. But our enemy uses God's design AGAINST us, making us feel GUILTY for our thoughts flitting around like butterflies. Another victory for the dark side when we are discouraged in prayer rather than enjoying rich conversation with our Creator, Redeemer, Everlasting Father, Wonderful Counselor, Brother, Savior, Friend and Shepherd. Thank you; I love your show on 91.5 in Ellensburg, WA and mostly listen to CSN online. Mike's response on 12.5.17 to an eternal salvation question was powerful and heartening, pulling together so many Scriptures from Paul, the letters to the churches in Revelation, the fellow in Acts who loved the world and left the faith. Thank you!

12/14/17 please pray for Keri Jensen, who has been missing since 11-28-17, she is 35 years old, 4'11, 80 lbs, drives white 2006 Hyundai Elantra / sun roof, License plate 2TAS187, lives in the Twin Falls, Buhl area, she was seen in Buhl, Fairfield, Rupert, Pioneer Campgrounds, DO NOT APPROACH - PLEASE CONTACT TWIN FALLS POLICE DEPARTMENT if you see her. 208-735-1911 please pray she is found soon and is safe and no harm has come to her.

12/11/17 Chuck Jennings need pray he is cancer in lungs and liver, he is undergoing Kemo and Radiation.0he also has a ruptured aorta they are keeping an eye on. please pray for healing and comfort thru this trial. thanks

12/08/17 Subject: Praise to God for CSN Message: I appreciate your commitment to the Holy Scriptures and promotion of Christian principles. You are a light that shines in an era of spiritual darkness and I pray to our Lord & Father your ministry will continue to grow and nurture those who are in need. As one who was raised in a cult that mandated strict observance Mosaic teachings, as a part of attempting to follow the Lord, the focus was salvation thru the Law rather than accepting it as a Gift from God. Needles to say the teachings about the Godhead and other fundamentals were skewed and our salvation was always in question. Your programs such as To Every Man An Answer, Thru the Bible, Dr James Dobson's Family Talk and others have been a blessing and provides, via the Holy Spirit the needed spiritual guidance required for myself & others who were brought up in similar circumstances. The Lord has blessed me so I can support your ministry & I will continue to do so. May God continue to bless your efforts. With love Your Brother in Christ Jesus.

12/09/17 Message: December 15, 2017 This is the season of celebration, giving thanks, and thoughts of peace. Gratefully, many children will celebrate with family and friends. Still all of us are aware of the children and youth who have no hope, no peace, no where to lay their head. We listen to their voices as they cry out for the warmth of love and silence of peace. Let us join together and remember all children in thought, blessing and prayer. A quote from Elie Wiesel - "Peace be our gift to each other."


12/08/17 letter today from Juanita, please pray for her as she is convinced that her son will murder her. and that she has no protection as no one believes her. after ready this letter from her and finding my old letter she wrote, CSN has called the police department in her town and gave to them some of this letter contents, they will send an officer out to check on her. please pray she is okay and not harmed by her son or anyone else. 01/14/16 update on Juanita, last request was 12-21-15, she is still struggling with her son doing all he can to have her die so he can get rich, he uses other people to help him, has 3 hispanics living upstairs over her apartment and they do all sorts of things to fumigate her out., odors range from burning rubber, bug spray, pepper spray, antiseptic, shellac, auto mechanic shop smells, heavy perfumes, they are being sprayed thru the vents, I have major reactions to these, Police will do nothing when I have called them. My son is as cunning as the snake in the Garden of Eden He found a little church and took it over, he showed me what he thought about my Jesus. went out bought a big black Bible, black suit, black dress shoes and black mercedes benz and announced himself as pastor Wiley. He has never been to a seminary to learn Gods word, I think he is practicing for the role of Antichrist. this is a living hell designed for the old, the handicapped, and the ones who live in care facilities, as the children want the parents gone as Grandma and Grandpa have had there days and time to be gone so the kids can have the rest. When I leave my apartment I am afraid to come home, they follow me. to bible studies, to church and wait and then follow me home again. Please pray for me, that God will take this from me. so no longer have to live in fear, and that the rest of my life is living in His peace, and mercy. I pray the God will shut him down and turn his heart like a river, I pray for those at CSN radio, for the pastors on the air, and all the ones who teach the truth of God's word.

12/6/17 Jeff is needed prayer for traveling to Denver on 12th and the 19th for cancer treatments, please pray for safety on the roads traveling, and for the treatments to work and get rid of the bad cells. thank you

12/5/17 Candice is asking for prayer, for my daughter, she has faces sexual assault and since this has happened she has had to drop out of school and I know this is the aftermath of the trauma she faces and also her attacker attended the same school. I have single parented her all her life, leaving my relationship with her father for a relationship with Jesus.I raised her with a godly foundation, she gave her life to Jesus years ago, but I know she is not walking with the Lord and I blame myself, I allowed my daughter to much freedom with friends, I worked full time, worked late and at her age she did not want to stay home alone all night, with no internet or TV so I allowed her to go to friends or family homes. I also allowed my loneliness for the past few years to lead me. I started going out with a so called friend from work and from that time on I went out every weekend and more. During this time my daughter was always out with friends / family and I just settled into being out having fun. My daughter at this point did not and does not want to be around me. I lost my job in September, depression sets in, I'm not going to church, it just seems like everything fell apart and I's overwhelmed at the thought of how and what to pray, it's like trying to pull in thread by reeling it in by the thread instead of the spool. everything is so had and I'm defeated and exhausted !. Please pray for us. we both need healing.

12/5/17 Maureen please pray for my guilt of past things I have done which are on my mind daily, because of some things that occurred, my family no longer speaks to me , I am born again but still carry such guilt.

12/06/17 Heather called in and would like prayer for her family. God knows the issues, and thank you.

12/5/17 to Mike & staff, Many thanks, your talk show is needed & will save, rescue millions from Satan's lies! I know many Christians who are leaders with money in this county where I live, who are followers & attend Bethel, occasionally in groups and stay in motels for days, .taking part in "grave sucking" and other "new age" nonsense, demonic activities. Believing this is worshiping God. In this county a new group that are out of churches here meet at an old remodeled warehouse on Tuesday and Saturdays for a couple of years now. The Leaders are followers of Bethel here, , Unbelievable! I am an outcast because I confront them nicely with a loving caring spirit, approx 100 + attend of course, and they don't want to hear what I say to them. It is a please to have my energy back, thanks for always sharing the truth of God's word with us. Please pray for us and for me and for my eyes, glaucoma, I'm using eye drops now. seem to be loosing my sight and my eye Dr. is is LA La Land. pray for him too. thanks and bless you all. SV

12/01/17 Le Anne needs prayer for healing and needs to find a job. thank you

11/27/17 Update on Richard he called in today and is still struggling from the lung transplants so many months ago, asking for prayers for the lungs to heal. thank you and God bless

11-26-17 Chad is asking for prayer for unstoppable Financial blessings bigger than ever before, long life, greater blessings than ever before, all the desires of his heart given to him, .would like to be put on a National Prayer Chain. thank you

11-17-17 Geospar V is asking for prayers for his family, thank you

11-16/17 Please pray for Shamae as she just came out of surgery after being stabbed in the upper body last night. please pray for the police to get all the information on the man arrested who did this to her, so he can not harm her again. please pray for the wounds to heal and she can live a normal life. She is 28 and has a child to care for. thank you.

11/16/17 Peter needs prayer for Pancreatic cancer, Lord please heal him, I am in search of a new pastor for a church in MA, also taking testa and no looking forward to them as I pursue ;icensure in my life thank you and God bless, Birdsell

11/13/17 Robert called in and needs prayer for Vicky, She over medicated her daily pills today and is in the intensive care in Chico California Please pray for the Dr. to have wisdom and how to treat this and for God to heal her body, for Vicky to have a full recovery. Thank you, and God bless all you you at CSN and all you do there to spread God's word.

11/13/17 Prayer request from Carole, 1.Salvation for my son Mike, his wife Matie, and their daughter Kelli, 2. Grandson Joseph to mature in his faith. 3. Salvation for son Scott, his wife Cecilia, and healing of their marriage. 4.For God's wisdom and guidance in fulfilling his purpose in my life, and for me to be the best I can be for our Savior. Thank you.

11-9-17 prayers needed for my wife Florescia to keep strong in the faith, that she does not loose hope, she is a great lady, I love her dearly. thank you LB

11/03/17 Bill is asking prayer for his wife Tiva, she has been diagnosed with breast cancer, thank you and God bless

10/31/17 Please pray for love

10/31/17 Alaura for Lake Isabella, Ca is back to Caldwell, Idaho, is asking for prayers for a safe trip back, will be leaving there in 2 months

10/27/17 Ashley Needs prayer 23 years old, 5 weeks pregnant, having problems with this pregnancy, was in the Er last night. please pray for a healthy baby. thank you

10-21-17 Dan is needing prayer for Lymphatic caner and it has spread through out is body. thank you

10/26/17 Greg needs prayer for him to come back to the Lord, not be bitter or resentful of things happen in the past, He is going to prison next month for DUI's to serve they said 10 years, seems pretty steep, please pray the judge will soften his heart and and not give him such a long sentence. Bless you all, Mom and Dad

10-26-17 Daughter Haley having Major Surgery , and doesn't accept Christ ,Nancy X=wife had a Seizure and lives without Christ, Sons Paul and Dillon living in Adultery ,I was Born Again over a year and can feel the Holy Ghost working within me and need your prayers Thank YOU Paul

10/25/17 Tina need prayer for her mental Illness. thank you

10-25-17 Prayer for Mary, she had surgery on a toe, needs healing thank you

10/13/17 Jeremy needs prayer for healing, his hip is dislocated.

10/23/17 I work at a job that is physically very hard for my 63 year old body. I look daily for another job n no one calls. I donít have a lot of marketable skills. I have benefits with the hours I now work. But!!! I work 2 split shifts a week to get those hours for benefits. I am so sore n wore out after a week of this n having to do it twice a day for 2 of those days is proving almost impossible for me to do n have any kind of life outside of work! I never wanted work to be all I do I want to have a life. I have been praying for wisdom and a new job and the job is not coming, so the other thing that popped into my mind was dropping the evening shifts. I would have to get insurance through the exchange but Iím fine with that and less income. I donít want to rush into anything, so I need prayer that the lord is leading me in this. Please, please pray. Thank you. Cindy

10/11/17 Shelley asking for prayers for John as he has been in the hospital having tests done, results are not back yet, cancer has been ruled out, they said might be a liver issue. Please pray for wisdom for the Dr. to find what the issue is and how best to treat it. thank you and God bless

10-08-17 pray for Angie, Chuck, Chris, Matt to keep coming to the Lord. Mariah, Rachel, Brittney, Giles and family, Miranda & Kaya, Matt and Francis, Debbie Weaver, for health, and our world.

10/2017 Debra is asking for prayer as she plans on moving to this region in 2 weeks, I am a single senior, relying on HIS guidance and help and for this to become a reality. Thank you so much. Blessings

09-26-17 Linda is in an abusive nursing hom in Iowa and wants to be moved somewhere else. Has no family to help her.

09/25/17 Please pray for people to come to Jesus, Brittney, Giles, Angie, Rachael, Lora, and the rest of the world. Please pray of health for Debbie, Ron, Robert, and Tim.

09-21-17 Shenandoah would like prayer for all to go smoothly, please for my needs, I need a way to go to the post office, I have eye problems, cataracts and glaucoma, both of the eye Docs act like quacks, for patience and I know the eye blindness is from their surgeries, so pray for my eyes and a new Doc. thank you.

09/19/17 Lee wants us to pray for her unsaved family, especially her parents who are in their 80's and very sick. it has been very heavy on her heart and she is feeling alone and discouraged. please pray for her to have strength and not loose faith. thank you

09/17 Please pray for our son Chase, He's been celled to fight fires in Oregon. Please pray for all the forest fires and the fighters thank you

9-17 Please pray for Alesia, she has mental health disorder, Bi polar, addicted to alcohol, refuses any medical assistance, has 2 children and has lost both of the children, she needs salvation, she needs the holy spirit and for God to bring her to her knees. thank you

09/17 Grace would like to say thank you to CSN for all they do and God bless you all. She would like prayer for healing as she has a rash all over her body and would like this to be gone, the pain and itching is really unbearable at times. Grace has other health issues as well, she is bed ridden and needs support to help her do the basics, like getting her to Dr. appointments, grocery shopping, etc. would like spiritual support as well, and for God to give her wisdom and discernment and for lot to loose her faith, is asking for prayer for family and friends for salvation. Her neighbor in the apartment building is causing problem, and keeps Grace awake at night, the land lord will do nothing about this and she is asking prayer for this neighbor to move. thank you

09/07/17 Flora wants prayer for deliverance of alcoholism.

09/07/17 Jonathan is asking prayer for his wife Alanna who does nor know the Lord, and his father-in-law Thomas, who lives with them, who is also lost. thank you

09/06/17 Quoc sent in a note and states he has been so very blessed, God has been so good to me, he has given to me joy, peace, protection, friends, health, prosperity, and much more. I have been so very blessed by this ministry. I listen to it every day. please keep me in your prayer list. Pray I receive clear guidance and that I bear good fruit. thank you and God bless.

08-27-17 update on Dustin So here you go everyone still need your support and prayers AND....... Just an update, he is still critical due to kidneys, the dialysis is working well but his kidney levels are super high his leg is looking 75% positive to save, and blood pressure is stable. He is lucky and doing good, thank you

08-26-07 Update on Dustin Thank you everyone still! my little brother is still fighting for his life. Kidneys are still not working and they still continue with dialysis. He is slowly coming from a coma state with just little eye and hand movement. Has a breathing and feeding tube. Struggling with the battle of MS as well makes it a bit tougher on his body to cope with getting through. No time yet on how long this will take him to stabilize; but we do know that it most likely will be a road to recovery for him. Keep praying. It means the world to me.

08-26-07 Please help me to send and give your prayers and support out to my girlfriend Amanda Allen and her family as her brother Dustin Fitzpatrick is in critical unstable and serious condition fighting for his life. He was injured on his ranch and life flighted to St. Alphonsus in Boise Idaho. His Kidneys are failing and they have him on dialasis. Thank you friends and family, that know her and send her your support, care, and love to let her know you are thinking of her. and praying for Dustin.

08/25/17 Yesterday a lady called in and asked for prayers for all the fires burning in Oregon, they have poor air quality, and just bad all around the state. this was given to The Every Man And Answer program, Pastor Mike asked people to pray for these fires. The lady called in again today to give a praise report. She said the air quality is better and the air has cooled down and so much relief of the fires, and wants all to know this and say thank you. and God bless all of you.

08/24/17 Pray for Nickolas 30yrs of age, has no job, he is hard to get along with, parents want him removed for the home, as he is not nice to anyone, and pray for his salvation. thank you and God bless

08-22/17 Please pray for Macey, 14 years old, was in the ER for pain in her right side, and the Dr. can not find a reason, after running tests, they sent her home, she is still hurting.Please pray for healing of her body. and to give the Dr wisdom.

08/17/17 I need a closer walk with the Lord. thank you

08/17/17 Jeremy needs prayer for marital problems and is struggling, he has been exposed to the gospel, not sure if he is saved. thank you

08/17/17 Please continue to pray for my family, especially John. Prayers are working. thank you

08-14-17 Please pray for Janet Classburn, she had a stroke and is not doing well. lives in Winthrop, Washington. thank you God for healing Janet of this stroke and total repair of her body. Amen

08-14-17 pray for a dear friend Janet Pierson, she just found out she has cancer. pray for peace, total healing. Amen

08-14-17 Mindy would like prayer for her family, daughter Holly for salvation and for David her 5 year old grandson. for her sister to accept the changes in all their lives, Mindy, Holly and David are moving to Jerusalem Aug 29, 2017 for 3 to 5 years, so pray for them and their safety, Holly is going to do her internship there. Pray that hedge of protection about each of them. thank you and God bless.


08/07/17 James is asking fro prayer ---- I listen to you on the radio, I pray for a wife, and to lose lbs, to get a good pace to live, a puppy, and another car. I also want the property taken from me returned to me or for people to pay me for it., I want my moms furniture returned to me. My best to you and yours, James in Montana

08-03-07 John is asking prayer for an addiction problem

08-03-17 Dianne has asked for prayer for protection from her neighbors who are harassing her, to love her enemies, and for Jesus to return quickly.

07/31/17 please pray for a son who has changed his life over to be transgender and for him to see the light and come back to be a man again. and for God to work on his heart and change his heart, of these other feelings. thank you

07-31/17 Please pray for Angel Diamond recovering and healing of scare tissue on the brain, also pray for my husband Michael and for me Diane for strength to quit smoking and have our bodies cleansed from all the impurities to leave, thank you for CSN and all you do there.

07/31/17 Please pray for Jackaline healing from stress and anxiety and heal my emotions

07/31/17 Please pray for Andrew salvation and assurance of being saved and god heals his depression and anger and God to work in his life

07-28-17 Please pray for a little boy named Trenton who is in the hosp ICU he had a asthma attack while visiting another state and had been in ICU for over 2 weeks now...pray for his parents too

07/28/17 Susie wants prayer for grown kids and families for salvation - Sarah, Ryan, Jack, Daniel, Jessica, Taylor and Joy. thank you

07/26/17 And please pray for Laurie whose husband, who is a believer, suddenly died from a heart attack.

07/26/17 Please pray for Margaret, who is 90 years old, for healing in her hips in feet.

07-26-17 Please pray for James for help and inspiration to continue making music for Jesus.

07/ 20/ 2017 we have not heard anything on Richard for a while, please continue the prayers for him thank you 03-06-17 Please continue to pray for Richard, he has had both lungs transplanted. that his body will not reject them, and the God will heal his body quickly, and have no more issues. thanks to you all

07/2017 Quoc has written in and says how God has been so very good to me, I listen to CSN every day and have been very blessed. It has given me much comfort, Please put me on your prayer list, Pray I will get my car running again, and wisdom and courage to do and know God's will for my life, for a wife or a girlfriend and that I bear good fruit.

07/2017 Victor is asking prayer for his family, son Roger,and daughter to pass all the entrance exams, brother Reuben, had a stroke and has Alzheimerís and can barely talk, he is 66 yrs old, and for me as I am loosing my memory too.thank you

07/2017 Nickolas is asking for prayer, 30 yrs old, has heart problems, had a heart attack, would like to have healing. thank you

07/2017 Pray for the apartment manager to receive Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. thank you

07/2017 Chad is asking for prayer, for God to bless the socks of my feet with blessings from heave that open greater financial wealth than ever before, for bigger wealth and riches than I've ever known before, would like to be put om a national prayer chain for 24 hrs of prayer. for me. that god will bless me and pour out those blessing that I have not room in my house to receive them all. thank you and God bless.

07/06/17 Jackie is asking for prayer for her daughter Desteny, she is the wife of a marine,stationed over seas, she will be flying there soon to join her husband, She is smoking marijuana and mom is not sure of here faithfulness to her husband, he said they are done, Jackie needs prayer warriors tp pray for God to convict her heart and soul and change her ways. thak you and God bless.

07/10/17 Rita is asking for pray for her sister Pearl, who is dying ia the hospital because she refused to have a leg amputated. her family is devastated and all we do is wait and pray, she is suffering so very much. thank you and thank you for CSN reaching so may people.

07/10/17 please pray for Bob's son, he has major medical issues, God know the details, pray fro healing and strength for all the family to endure this trial they are going through. God bless

07/10/17 Randy would like pray for his 3 children, all grown and have decided they do not want a relationship with him anymore, He is hurting and knows God can change their hearts and give them a heart of love towards him and everyone. Please pray that they learn how much God loves them, and accepts Jesus as Lord and Savior of their lives. thank you

07/10/17 Ron is needing prayers, he might need heart surgery again, Dr will try a medication to see if this will correct the valves blockage, if not surgery will be needed and replace the valves with plastic ones. if this happens he will need a care giver for at least 2 weeks when he is released from the hospital.thank you and God bless.

07/07/17 a caller from Arizona, is asking for pray for Christians to stand up and back up our President and the leaders of our country, there are 45 vacancies in the presidents cabinet and they need to be filled and by Christians would be awesome. Our country needs to be united and all pull together again. United we stand, divided we fall. Please pray about this and believe for change to happen for the good. God bless,

07/07/17 Please add this to the prayer requests: Please pray for Bruce. He has had an extremely difficult life, and, although he has tried to honor God in spite of this, he has trouble understanding how God loves him.

06/29/17 Leigh asked for prayer for her and her husband Ted on a potential Godly business decision they will soon be making. She asked for prayer for boldness, resources, favor, and confirmation on her decision. thank you and God bless

06/29/17 Please pray for Kris, he is having heart surgery at noon today, replacing a valve, repairing aortic aneurisum, he is 28 years old. thank you and God bless.

06/20/17 Carole is asking for prayer for salvation her son Michael and his wife Matie, and son Scott and his wife Cecilia, also prayer for Josh he is 18 and has cancer and healing for Monte. Please pray for America that the people in America would not be blinded anymore by the deception of the enemy.

06/17/17 Julie would like pray for her health, she has COPD and is on oxygen all the time now. Thank you

06/16/17 Please pray for Ray, request for grace, is disabled, had to sell my house. thank yoi

06/16/17 Please pray for my two daughters, Kelsey and Katy, they were trained in the Lord,and now have fallen so far away, please pray for their salvation. Thank you and God bless a concerned mom

06/12/17 Please pray for Sabino, he is 17 years old, in a Juvenal facility and will be there fir another 2.5 years., His mom has asked for for prayer fro protection and safety while his is there. some of the boys he is housed with are causing issues, also mom would like pray for the chains to be broken in the family so they can draw close to the lord.

06/09/17 Robert called about a friend who is 70 and has had a 3rd heart attack, is not saved and need pray prayer for both. thank you

06/09/17 Rose from Nev, would like prayer for her landlord and the daughter of the landlord, for God to soften their hearts, Rose has had to turn in health issues at the complex, to the city of the conditions they live under, and now the landlord has issued her a no cause order to vacate the premises, she has lived there for 10 years, is a senior citizen and does not want to move, thank you

06/09/17 A man called in left message asked for pray for his mental and financial situations.

06/07/17 please pray for Matthew, he is struggling, has finance issues and is losing faith in God to supply all his need.

06-06-17 An accident in front of the Flying J in Jerome, a motor home struck a motorcycle and the man on the motorcycle was life flighted to a Boise hospital, Flying J called back and said that the man is doing better. Please pray for a speedy recovery. Thank you

06-03-17 Patricia G need prayer from mind control and witch craft the adversary has hold on her. please pray for the release of this hold on her so she can think logically and have peace in her life. thank you

05/29/17 Pray for Marv Maynes, he is in ICU at a hospital, with pneumonia, and MSRA, he is struggling, please pray for God's will to be done in this man's life. Total healing and restoration and pray for the family during this time, Thank you and God bless

05-25-17 Mark called in a prayer request for two co-workers, Judy, who has shingles, for total healing of them, they are on her face and neck., and for Doug who has a blood clot in his lung and urinary track infection. please pray for this to be gone so he can be released from the hospital. thank you

05/21/17 Roger would like prayer for healing as he believes God will heal his body in his time but is asking for us to pray and believe with him. he has damage from a spinal tap that went wrong. thank you and I appreciate this ministry you have. I live in Clarkston, Washington.

05/18/17 Please pray for my wife Teresa and me Michael is my name, we both have health issues, drinking problems, there is confusion, don't know to deal with what is going on in my mind, I need help, need deliverance and this heavy burden taken from me. I am becoming cold in my heart, I can't deal with this anymore. please pray for us. thank you

05/17/17 Sherry need prayer for muscular skeletal problems from different accidents through out her life. No surgery will make it better., I also am moving after 30 years in this home, So I would like God's peace, direction, wisdom and healing. I would like God to give me a very special touch, I love CSN and listen everyday., I appreciate all of you, Thank you and God Bless.

05/15/17 Douglas is asking for prayer for his wife Tammy, MRI shows she has a golf ball size cyst in her brain. The Dr will do a cat scan next and they already believe this is suspicious for cancer. so please pray there is no cancer at all. also we are having financial difficulties and need help the the cost of repair to 2004 Chev Sub. I have the parts just need to mechanic paid so he will put them in. cost of this is 158.00 805-428-0486 California thank you

Please pray for Joe Kennedy of Bremerton, Washington a high school coach who prays for his team and is in trouble with the school and might lose his job. thank you

Alice is asking for prayers for healing, protection, finances, our home, our vehicles, for the family and a close relationship the God.

Please pray for our family, God knows all of us and the hardships we are being faces with. thank you

To CSN ministry keep up the good work that is done there.

Please pray for family peace,

05-08-17 Joann is asking prayer fro her son Mike who is on medication for Limes, bitten by a tick on May 1st he is 62. and for me, for complete healing of a pelvic fracture back in March. Need God to give me guidance in the decisions I need to make. I will be 82 this month. thank you and God bless.

05/05/17 Douglas is asking for divine intervention for his situation, needs the family truck repaired and has no financial way to do it. thanks

04-27-17 Please pray for Dejah, she is struggling with depression and talking suicide, Her dad is very concerned and he has asked for prayers.She was pregnant and her mom had kicked her out of the house a while back, since then she has lost the baby and still not home yet, she may not graduate with her class this spring. Please pray God gives her guidance and lots of TLC. thanks.

04/23/17 Emmett is having surgery soon, Dr. are concerned with his health, give him a 50/50 recovery of coming through the surgery and he also has pancreatic cancer which was found early please pray for all this health issues and that God will heal him/.

04/20/17 please pray for Chad, need pray for a financial blessing, for God to restore to him, bless the socks off him in all areas of life. thank you

04-20/17 lady is asking for prayer for herself, needs guidance, direction, wisdom, my body needs healing, Dr say they can do surgery, but might make things worse. Pray that God will heal touch and heal me. thank you

04/20/17 please pray for unborn twins 18 weeks along, the baby boys name is Caden has heart and bladder problems the baby girls name is Kelly, she is doing ok , Please pray for Mom and Dad Jessica and Tim and these precious babies. thank you

04/20/17 David needs prayer, for his body produces blood clots and there are more and more all the time, he is in his 30's and needs prayer for this and his salvation.

04/15/17 David is asking for prayer for his sister Heather, today is her birthday, their father was found dead on this date and every year heather struggles with this. please pray for strength and courage for her to overcome this and look and the good things they shared.

04/12/17 Please pray for Theresa, she is 62 and want to find a job to supplement her income, God knows what she needs and where this job is at. thank you for the prayers for her.

04/12/17 Please pray for Cadie's family as she overdosed last night and took her life and the baby that was not born yet. family is devastated. thank you

4-10-17 Please pray for Jane, Phil, Greg and all the rest of the family, Greg's wife died in an accident, please pray for the family members who are not saved to turn theirs eyes to the Lord and know that Jesus is Lord and Savior of all. Asking for prayers for peace in this time of sorrow.and grief. thank you

04/10/17 Mark says I hope you are all doing well, Please use this gift where needed most. I listen in on 98.3 FM Salinas, Ca with gladness, Thanks, Would you please say a prayer for my families salvation? Their names are Anna, Marie, Milan, Mary, Paul, Sue & Matt. Also please pray for my relatives and friends and for a spiritual awakening to take place in our country and around the world, Many thanks. You are in my thoughts and prayers. May God grant you a Blessed Resurrection Day and keep you all. Love in Jesus, Mark

03/31/17 Grace is asking for prayer, she is bed-ridden, many health issues, needs transportation to Dr. offices, and other needs, her finances to pay for all her needs, strength to carry on each day, would like prayer for family for a prodical son named Shawn, who is 33 yrs and needs salvation, a grandson 11 yrs old, Evan who has an agnostic moms so he never hears the word, Grace would like to spend time with him and have a relationship again and have restoration of relationships from others again. is asking God for wisdom, grace and mercy. thank you

03/30/17 Brenda from Twin Falls is asking for prayer as she is having surgery on Tuesday 04-04-16 for a hernia. thank you and God bless

03/27/17 please pray for me, my name is Michael, I need God's healing hand on me as Ive been suffering from severe abdominal pain and complications going on for 2 months and the Doctors so far have not discovered what the cause is. And peace for for my wife during all this time keep us both peaceful. Thank you

03/22/17 prayer for Richard, that he can find the right things to say to Chas, to get him on the correct path. and also for Chas just coming our of rehab, that he will know the right path and he will have wisdom, that he won't resit the right path, and that he will watch his language. thank you

3/16/17 pray request for Anna, who has a live in girl friend, both of them need the Lord Jesus Christ, Anna also has anemia, and she looks frail. please pray for physical healing as well as salvation for them both. thank you

03/15/17 Barbara's mom has declining health, was so active and know in a wheel chair, her memory is going fast, please pray for wisdom, and peace for the family and for the mom as she is confused does not understand what is happening to her. thanks and God Bless.

Anthony is needing pray for his marriage, he is going through a rough time, needs wisdom and guidance. thank you

Nickolas is asking for prayer for his work situation, for healing and all the blessings God has promised him. thank you

03/15/17 David is asking for wisdom in his finances, and that the attacks from the devil who has been steeling them to stop, and for God to poor out a big blessing on David's life. thanks

03/15/17 Roberta is 71 and had a heart attack, Tony called this in and said he does not think she is saved. Please pray for someone to be a witness to her and for her salvation. thank you

03/15/17 Lucy wants prayer for her family, they are all straying away from God. thank you

03/06/17 email message: My husband\'s, Johannes, contract came to an end October 2016 and he desperately needs a job. My daughter, Anja, needs to create an income and needs knowledge and wisdom from God. thank you

03/06/17 Thank you for proclaiming the truth from the Bible via radio! please pray for all of us, Andy's dad, Mel Gerrad, who broke his hip, Mel would like to get well enough to walk again. and continue his witnessing ministry. thank you

03-06-17 Please continue to pray for Richard, he has had both lungs transplanted. that his body will not reject them, and the God will heal his body quickly, and have no more issues. thanks to you all

03/01/17 a concerned dad called in for his daughter and family, her step-son Noah, who is 17 soon to be 18 has decided he wants to change his gender to a woman, so he has been dressing like a girl, and wearing makeup, and parading around the younger children at home, the parents have taken him to counseling and rules and guidelines for him to be at home are set up but he will not listen, he is uncontrollable and need prayer. Please ask God to intervene in this attitude and change this young mans heart. thank you

02/28/17 Kathryn wants prayer for strength. the Dr. told her that her job is causing stress and affecting her health, so she is cutting her hours and eventually retiring.

02/26/17 please pray for my brother Michael to find a job that will provide for his family. thank you

02/16/17 Please pray for Brenda, I request prayer for my disability next month, a hearing is set up, I pray my drivers license does not get taken away from me, doe to my eye sight, God blessing me and forgiving me for doubting him, I love him, I don't deserve it but ask him to bless me, he always does,he's good. thank you

02-03-17 please pray for Jennifer who is in her mid 40's, she has had a foot operation and it is not healing like they want it to. the Dr. are concerned that she might have cancer somewhere. they have not pin pointed it yet. please pray for the cancer to be gone from her body and for a total healing of her foot. thank you

02-03-17 Marvin would like prayers for him and his wife Wilma, They live in an assisted home, he is in a wheel chair and would like to walk again, his wife has memory loss, they are in an apartment type room and he wants them to stay together, but with the needs they both have it might become impossible, please pray for the needs to be gone, Wilma's Memory to get better and for Marvin to walk again, He told me he is 93 yrs young, and has a mind set of walking again. Praise the Lord. thank you

01-25-17 Allen needs prayers, he is incarcerated, and he has been studying Gods word, he knows God has forgiven him, he is still carrying the guilt and can't let it go. Please let him know that the is no condemnation for those is Christ, and to put this behind him, he will always have the scars but he can remove the pain and move forward, and not looking back. Thank you.

01/27/17 Leah from Oklahoma, called in today, she is needing prayer for needs in her life, her apartment flooded, carpets are wet and stinky and her health is not good, now the electricity is having issues from the wet lines, and need to be replaced. Her land lord says he will not do any repairs at all. please pray for her to seek out legal advise and others in her area to talk too, as to what she needs to do. thanks

01/26/17 Douglas and his wife and daughter need prayers please, Douglas and his wife just moved to this area, are both disabled and are in need or financial help, need food and are just asking for prayers for all their needs to be met. Douglas daughter went into premature labor today 1-27-17 and needs pray that this baby is ok. about 45 days early. thank you

01/25/17 David is having trouble getting motivated since his wife passed away, he is depressed and needs encouraged. please pray for him.

01/20/17 Asking for prayers for the teens in this facility which is like an orphanage and like a detention home. Many of the girls have behavior issues, some are even medicated for these issues. Some are here because their parents are serving time in prisons and there is no one to take on the responsibility for the care of them. Some are serving time here for committing crimes and breaking the law and or drug abuse. The ages of these girls is 5-21, this facility also hoses boys. You can only imagine what I sense each time I enter, and what comes up each time time during my class. South Carolina is n dire need of Foster Parents, Many of these children would be released if they had some loving home to go to. Each week the prayers they write in my prayer notebook are nothing short of heart wrenching, Cries for deliverance from sin or help for God with their negative behavior, for a safe foster home, for parents to want them back again, or a relationship healed, that they get to see their own children and get them back again some time, to take addiction away, and get back to good health, do well in school and to have God guide them for their future. and many more. I ask for prayers for this ministry. and that God works on them to know the truth as other religions come and and share their beliefs with them. Thank you for The Every Man and Answer program, as my husband and I listen to it faithfully. God bless you, Carolynne & Larry Freeman

01/20/17 this prayer is for my daughter Vanessa, for her salvation, I know God can and will carry her, this is her first baby to be born in July, and that the father of the baby has left her to carry this burden alone, God can change his heart too, and bring him back. Please pray God keeps them all safe and continually draws them to him. thank you

01/04/17 Alice needs prayer God knows her situation and please have God place good and Godly people in my path. thank you

01/03/17 Please pray for me as I need strength from God as I am not strong enough by my self. The Lord is everything and I need to let Go and let God be in charge. there is wickedness in my home and I need to get rid of it. there is finance issues, I need my life to be a positive life no more negatives. My life as it is going will only hurt the ones I love so I need to change, so please pray for me to be able to to this. thank you

01/03/17 please pray for my grandson who is 26, he has drinking issues and drugs. and my granddaughter who is 20, they both need to know Jesus. thanks you

01/03/17 please pray for Jennifer and the reurn of her son whom the father has taken from her, there is a legal battle over this.

01.06.17 Lee needs prayer, she is being bullied on social media about her stand on Jesus. Please pray for these people to open their eyes and ears to God and his word. She also need a job. thank you

01/03/17 Tara Walker needs prayer that she will come to know Jesus, that she can give her guilt and pain to him. thank you

12/19/16 Please pray for my brother in law Edwin for Salvation, his high blood pressure, and diabetes, thank you Erlinda

12/19/16 Please pray for Christine, as she goes in the hospital for surgery tomorrow. Please pray that God will give the Dr. wisdom and guide his hands through out this procedure. Please keep her from pain. and that she heals quickly, Please pray that she will have no more problems and this will never return to her body again. thank you and God Bless.

12/19/16 Evie needs pray, a sister called and told me that Evie fell on the ice last week and is still in bed with a bad back, and not doing very well, she just had surgery on her back a few short months ago. please pray for total healing and for all the pain to be gone.thank you and God bless

12/12/16 please pray for Don, he had a bad fall, he fell off of scaffolding and is in bad condition. thank you for the prayers.

12/12/16 Brenda's Grand daughter Daylnn, need prayer, she says she is getting fat, she is not according to family, she has cut down on her eating, family thinks she could be starting a problem and needs prayer to have them end before it becomes an eating disorder. thank you God for meeting this need.

12-07-16 please pray for Mary's granddaughter Rachel, she has a growth on her thyroid, Dr. are nor doing anything about this as her insurance is not settled. She has 2 babies at home, she is a Christian and believes in total healing from God. as for Mary she struggles with COPD and needs strength to endure life. thanks

12/06/16 Please lift Alice in prayer as she is unable to sleep or rest and is tired. thanks

12/06/16 Update on Richard, he has had the ling transplant and a double one at that, he is in a lot of pain, please continue the prayers for him that God would heal his body quickly and no more pain, and that his body would not reject these new lungs. thanks be to God for his promises everyday.

11-30-16 Jeanie is asking for pray for deliverance from Ex husband who is causing issues in her life demanding all her money, they were married 25 years and he is 78 yrs old,he filed for a divorce last Aug, and just won't let up on her. thank you

12-3-16 Laura is asking for prayer for her and her husband as a big storm has hit them and they need delivered from this storm. please pray God will do a mighty work here. thank you

11-30-16 Michael is asking for prayers for his family for better relationship with them, deliverance for the enemy, to bring this family together again, his wife Teresa and the Depallo family. thank you

12-5-16 Please lift Jennifer in prayer, she is 40 yrs young and has health issues, needs to have surgery on her foot, it was cancelled and needs to be done soon, she was so sick with flu like symptoms, please pray for total healing for her. thank you and God bless.

12-2-16 A note to let you know I do appreciate CSN and all the churches who help with this ministry so very much.Being in a place like this there is so much negativity and very few positives, so I put on my ear buds and praise the Lord learning of his word, and being so very thankful. God's word is my nourishment. I would like to ask fro prayers for my neighbor Nancy who has been diagnosed with cancer and will be having surgery soon, also my father Jeff Tosca Sr. as he too is going in for surgery, he has irregular heartbeat, naturally I pray all goes well with both of these surgeries, and that they would come to know the LORD, come to trust HIM, I can talk till I am blue in the face but they don't want to hear it, I know that where my physical limitations end, God's does not and he can reach someone, and hearts can and will be changed. thank you again, and bye for now. Jeffrey Tosca

12-2-16 Boone Amos is asking for prayer, as he need others to pray for him to help him not get into deeper troubles and not to get in to trouble with the law any more. thank you.

11-18-16 Jeana needs prayers, she is going through change and it is stressful for her and her husband. thank you

11/17/16 Please pray for Mits and Mildred, as their son has passed away, and for the rest of this family, God keep them strong through out this. God bless

11-16-16 Vicky needs pray please, she has started radiation, and now they have found another cancer spot on her kidney. thank you and God bless.

11-15-16 Heather would like prayers as she is unemployed due to an injury, she has been released and is searching for a job, Please pray that God directs her to the job he has for her. thank you.

11-15-16 the Coopers have asked for us to continue praying for them, 1st, our love for and of Jesus and 2nd for us to finish well, 3rd our health, as we get older and can't work like we did. Also thank you CSN for all your service to the Lord and us. God bless you.

11-14-16 update on Christine and Lorraine her mother, Lorraine has been in the hospital, she had a heart attack, she has been moved to a rehab home and can stay there for 3 weeks only, Christine and the rest of the family need God's direction on what the needs will be and how to best take care of Lorraine when she gets home. Please pray for this situation, as both Christine and her sister have health issues that need to be addressed too. thank you and God bless.

11-14-16 update on Evelyn, she gets to go home today from the hospital, it has been 3 longs weeks for her after the heart surgery. she is excited. please keep her in your prayers. thank you and God bless.

11-6-16 A man called and said him and his wife are fighting and she is out of control. please pray for this situation and for God to do a mighty work in her.. thank you

11-4-16 a man is asking for prayer for his brother who has had his legs amputated nad has been studying God's word and believes he can have new legs grow back. He wants us to believe for a miracle with them on this issue. thanks

11-2-16 Chad is asking for 24 hour prayer, for all Gods favor to be on him all wealth and riches to be unstoppable, wants to be on the National prayer chain. More of Gods promises bestowed on him. the desires of his heart to be met.

11-8-16 John is asking for prayer, he is a contractor and the insurance company job he is working on will not pay him as agreed upon. please pray then pay him for his work. thank you

11-7-16 please pray for Detrick, he is in the criminal justice center in Tulsa, Ok. he needs encouragement, and to know that God loves him,and will help him through this time of his life. thank you

10-31-16 Please pray for our health as we are in our 70's and it is getting hard for us to work. and we want to finish well for Jesus. we need fellowship with others, We listen to CSN and are blessed thank you for all the good work you do there. God bless the Coopers

10-31-16 Please pray for my marriage and my husband as he has lost his way, and does not believe. so I am asking God to open doors for my family, that we live in the same house living for Jesus. thank you

10/26/16 Mr Walters, would like prayer for him to be able to decern who is a real christian and who is not., (also to be able to tell the real Jesus from the many who are proclaiming to be him.) and for me to know God and the bible better. Please pray for God to open doors of understanding to this man and that he knows that those proclaiming to be Jesus are not of God, but deceivers, as Jesus has not returned to gather the church yet. thank you

10/26/16 Beverly or Merilly want prayer as she is a victom of witch craft and pray for her children and grandchildren Please God take this evil spirit from all them.

10/26/16 Gloria is asking for prayer, as the apartment complex she lives in, and all the tenants were told to be out in 3 days. She is hurt and all there are not understanding the why for as no explanation was given to them. God knows so pray for peace and comfort all those involved in this situation.

10/26/16 please pray for Christine who has some health issues, Pray God will heal her body of all these issues. thank you

update on Evelyn 10/26/16 She is doing very well, thank you Lord, Continue prayers for speedy recovery so she can get out of the hospital and go home soon. thank you

10/26/16 please pray for my son, he is 14 , his name is Antonio, he was burned by a fire and has 2nd degree burns on his face, hands and neck, he is not doing very well, God you are so big and can do a mighty work here. Please heal this young man, inside and out, take all the pain away, remove all scars from forming on his body, and let him live a long healthy life. Thank you God.

10-20-16 Please pray for the 89 yr old woman that was hit by a mail delivery truck yesterday, was than flown to a Boise hospital with life threatening injuries, Please pray for the lady driving the delivery jeep as she is struggling with this. thank you

10/20/16 update on Evelyn, bypass surgery went will on Tuesday, 10-18-16, today Ron called and said mom had a rough night, please lift her in prayer. Please continue to pray for Evelyn and fro a speedy recovery. thank you and God bless.

10-18/16 Grace has asked for prayer for her bird that flew away to come home. she misses it so, it is a blue and gold Macaw been missing since April 2016, thank you

10/17/16 Jason and Rachel need prayers, Rachel's job might be ending, they are stressed about this, as they just moved to this state bought a home have a baby and all of life's situations are effecting them and their marriage, please keep this family together and for all the pressures and stress to be gone. thank you

10/14/16 Don is asking for prayers for his daughter Christine who is expecting a baby within 2 weeks, that the delivery of this baby and the baby's health are good. as this is her 2nd child, the 1st one died soon after birth a few years ago. The family is nervous about this delivery and that the baby is ok.

10/13/16 please continue to pray for Vicky as she will be starting Radiation treatment in Nov. thank you and God bless.

10/11/16 I listen to your station all the time and so thankful it is on .May the Lord bless your day, CSN and the River Christian Fellowship, and may we go up soon to give Him a big hug. Please pray for me to find my wife soon. thank you, Scott

10-06-16 please pray for a 78 year old woman who called in about her husband wanting a divorce, she is in shock and needs to go to meetings with lawyers and to get her house in order to move and they have 50 years of stuff. She is asking that God gives her the strength to do all this and to endure and put all this in God's hands, as he can change hearts

10-16-16 Shane's daughter is asking for pray for Shane, as he has throat cancer and in the Lymph nodes, has has gone to Utah to the cancer center. please pray for a good outcome and treatments will be ok. thanks

10/06/16 Lynette is asking for pray for God to open a door for a job. thanks

09/28/16 please pray for Christine, her husband and family, and her sister who take care of their mom Lorraine , who is 80 and has medical issues. they family is needing some help to care for her, she lives at home with her husband and the sister. Christine takes here mom to here home several days a week, as they are all worn out. please pray for God to give them wisdom, knowledge and understanding of all they need to do for her care. and give them peace and comfort. give the Dr. wisdom on how best to treat the illnesses, and allow the mom, Lorraine to let others come and and assist. God bless

09/16/16 update on Dave, see 9-19-16 Please continues the prays for Dave and all the family, the cancer has spread to his liver, a biopsy was done Today and the results will be told to the family on Friday. God id so good and so awesome, nothing is to large for him. Please pray for a miracle healing and he can continue his journey with his family by his side.

09/27/16 Update from 9-6-16 Please pray for our health, in great pain and not sure we can continue to do the craft shows, our SS checks just do not meet all the needs each month, We know that Jesus is all that matters,and he will get us through all this. God bless your ministry on the radio and all it means to all. the Coopers

09/26/16 Joyce is asking prayers for her family members especially her son John, God know her needs and the families. thanks and God Bless

09-26-16 Please pray for a woman who is older and unmarried., who went to an OBGYN Dr., for an exam and has found out there is a tumor on an ovary. this Dr. told her to start using birth control pills and to find a man, This is supposed to be a Catholic hospital and have Christian values and this woman was appalled by what this Dr. told her to do. She called the hospital and has put in a complaint against the Dr. Please pray for the tumor to leave her body and that this Dr. and hospital treat patients with respect on any issue that comes up. She also refuses to have this tumor treated there and is seeking a second opinion. Go bless and thank you

09/23/16 Larry asking for prayers, he is in the Arizona Sate Prison, He says I am do to be transfered and there have been death threats on my life for 4 years, I became a believer 5 years ago and praise his holy name. I listen to CSN radio all the time and have been so blessed to have this in my life. So pray that my life is not taken unless it is His will. Pray that I remain strong in the word and maintain my faith till the end. God bless, and thank you again for this awesome radio ministry.

09/23/16 Please pray for Polly in California, that God will heal her mind & body. And the holy spirit in her would give her peace and comfort, and she can take on all that she is faced with each day, and that she allows others in her life to help her. thank you

09-20-16 Please pray for John as he is struggling with substance abuse. Pray God will deliver him from this.thank you

09-19-16 Please pray for my family, daughter Theresa, her husband Garon, and their 2 daughters Kass and Blair, my daughter grew up knowing the Lord and raised her 2 girls to know him too. Somehow things have changed and my daughter is cold to me and never wants to talk about the Lord, she shuts me out of her life, I pray God will open her heart to love again, and let me in her life. she told me the other day that Blair has written a few books, I was so excited about it till she told me it was nothing that I would want to read. as it was about the devil. I was shocked, and asked my daughter whether the girls have ever confessed Jesus as their Lord, and I know they did when they were younger, my daughter told me she did not want to talk about it. I told her you need too talk about it. I know God can use this to change them all and show Blair and give to here the ability to put on paper the truth about the devil and teach others how evil he really is.Please pray for all of them as life is to short and not knowing. This breaks my heart, as I never raised my family to be like this. I know God can change the hearts and bring them to him. Please pray I stay strong and never back down from speaking the word to her. God bless and thank you.

9-19-16 Update Jeff starts Kemo this week,pray for travel mercies from Lama, Co to Denver 4 hrs driving time, the cancer is gone praise the Lord, and thank you, Please pray God will keep him well and able to handle the Kemo, and not sick afterwards. thank you and God bless. 8-26-16 and 9-9-16

9-19-16 Please pray for Dave, he has not been feeling well for a week or so,and thought he had a cold, he found out today he as lung cancer. Not sure of the procedure they will do next. Peggy his wife works at CSN so pray for all the family. God bless.

09-19-16 update from 8-4-16 from Chad, to be totally restored from what has been taken from me, and to have great favor with God, to be so blessed that my socks fall off. to be debt free and have all the financial burdens lifted and be a good steward of the things God has blessed me with. thank you and God bless.

09-19-16 update from 7-21-16 Kathy is asking got prayers to God to keep[ her strong and protect her for all the witchcraft going on around her, and for this to be destroyed and taken away for her and her family. pray for her finances, her problems to be given to the Lord and all that burden she carries to set her free.

Update 9-19-16 Evelyn has decided to have the surgery, it is planned for this week, please keep all the family in your prayers and for God to to a mighty work here and heal her up big time and to be pain free. God bless 09/16/16 Please pray for Evelyn, she needs a triple by pass surgery, she is 77 years young, and does not want this, her Dr has given her 3 weeks without the surgery, her children are meeting with her tomorrow to discuss funeral plans and what she would like to have done. Evelyn is still in the hospital and the Dr. is sending her home today. The kids are praying she changes her mind about the surgery. The family has a big family reunion planned for next month, please pray for this to happen and all the family will be there to spend time with her, please pray for her family as the deal with all this, and that God keeps them all peaceful. Ron one of her sons works with us at CSN and attends church here at the River. We love you Ron and God Bless you all.

09/15/16 Grace is asking for prayer for all of us to join in prayer to wake up the souls in America God bless,

09-12-16 please pray for FIFI, don't have any details, but God knows what the issues are. thank you.

9-06-16 Please pray for my husband who has Parkinson's, we are older and to supplement our income we do craft shows, and it is harder for him to work. and now he gets depressed, we both love the Lord so. Please pray for us both to be able to endure. Thank you and God bless.

09-04-16 Donna called from Arizonia and a family member named Terra from Gilbert Az. is in hospital, they found tumors up and down her spine. please pray for healing and a speedy recovery from surgery.

09-01-16 Please pray for a lady in Lubbock, Tx , she is in need of a car, as hers has needs of major repairs, please pray fro a donation to her or if someone could help her with trnasporation. she does work but need a ride. and help, thank you and God bless.

08/31/16 David needs prayers, he is depressed and this is getting him down. His wife was killed in a crosswalk a few months ago, and now a new baby grandson has died. He listens to CSN all the time, and knows he can be delivered from this attack on him. thank you and God bless.

08/26/16 Jane's prayer request to be set free from demonic powers.

09-19-16 udate on Jeff, this Friday starts the Kemo, for 6 weeks will drive fro Lamar, Co, to Denver each week for this treatment, pray for traveling mercies, pray for the kemo not to make me sick, that I can handle this and to be totally healed with this caner never to return. 09-09-16 Update on Jeff, Surgery went well, he will do Kemo for 6 weeks. please continue the prayers 08/26/16 Jeff needs pray, for bladder cancer that has returned and he will have surgery, please pray for this and for travel mercies starting in Sept. thank you

08-24-16 please pray for my wife Elaine, she has a restaurant in Brookings, Oregon, the Sporthaven, Please pray that is is sold soon, we are older and it is becoming a financial burden . thank you

8-23-16 Daniel pray request, my passion his his word, to live out my life what I read, Psalm 42:1 L hunger and thirst for his word, and I want to be a man rooted and grounded on that solid foundation. thank you

8-18-16 Please pray for my family who have depression in their lives, that this is gone from them and they see the light of Jesus to restore them whole.

08-18-16 please bray for Bethany, for all her ailments, she has breathing problems. thank you

8-17-16 Samuel in NC please pray for my Pastor Jeremiah, spiritual Things going on, please pray for people to support the church. thank you and God Bless

08/24/16 Please pray for my 16 year old daughter, Marya, as she just jointed the morman church

08-16-16 lady caller is asking for everyone to please spray with insect repellent to kill the mosquitoes so the Zika virus will not spread and harm people. we need to protect ourselves from this. PLEASE broadcast this to everyone., pray for my family that God will watch over them all. thank you

08-16-16 Larry needs prayer, God knows his needs please lift him in prayer.

08-16-16 pray for a lady caller about depression and she knows God can heal her. She is going back to work soon after healing from an injury. thank you and God bless

08-16-16 Joseph needs prayer for finances, as the government has cut back on the amounts they are paying out for benefits and on food stamps, and people are struggling. thank you and God bless

08-11-16 Julie called and is needing lots of encouragement, she has medical issues, her SS check does not meet all her need each month, her ex does not support her, he is abusive and treats her and he family badly, her children won't t have anything to do with her as they took the fathers side in the divorce. Please pray for God's protection about her and for her children to see what they are doing to her, open their hearts and eyes oh God. Draw them all close to you.

08-17-16 UPDATE Jacobs Body was found today cause of death unknown' thank you for all the prayers and work involved in this search. 08/12/16 update on the Missing Young man, 20 year old Jacob Beetler of Spring Creek is still missing since July 27 he went for a hike. Police, dogs, helicopters, and more than 60 people at a time have been in search of this young man. Please continue to pray for this young man to be located. as the authorities are now looking for a body as they do not think he is alive. God knows where he is. so please pray for open doors for them to find him. thank you and God bless.

8-8-16 Stephanie needs pray for family, Financial problems, living from pay check to pay check. some family has anger problems please pray for them. Pray the the homeless all over the world. health problems for me, have diabetic problems, pray for my mother and my daughter who is raising her daughter with no support from the father, and she is in need of support. thank you

08/08/16 Please pray for Vicky as her cancer has returned, this is the 4 time and, she is on meds for pain and going in tomorrow and Wed this week to see what they can do. if not out come is reached they will go to Huntsman's in Utah, for help. Please pray for God to keep her and Mike peaceful through out this time. God bless

09-19-16 update. please keep praying for me. for all these things, I Know God can bless the socks off my feet and and pour out all those blessings. 8-4-16 Chad would like 24 hour prayer for his life, total restoration from what the Adversary has stolen from me, to come back greater than I ever had been before, knowing God's word and living it daily, to have others bless me out of my socks, To be healthy, debt free, and have abundance in my finances. God would open the flood gates of heaven and pour our a blessing so big no room to hold it. thank you and God bless.

8-4-16 Please keep Elizabeth in your prayers she has breast cancer, stage 3, going through radation she lives in Vermont, please continue prayers for healing and salvation as she is questioning herself. God bless

08/03/16 MISSING!!! Young man from Nevada, 20yrs of age has been missing for a week in the Ruby Mountain, Nevada area. Search and Rescue have not been able to find him or any signs. Please pray for this young man to be found and that God will keep his hedge of protection about him always. God bless and thank you.

8-1-16 I'm turning close friends onto CSN and they are amazed & have heard such great teachings ever. Amen S.S. Please pray for grandson Nathan B. 21, went back to meth, Dad was on it, mom Julie is still on it. Please lift them all in prayers, thank you very much, I love CSN and listen to it every day. S.S.

07/29/16 Desmond would like prayer for his life, I listen to CSN radio and my prayer is for the best for everyone at CSN. Thank you for walking in the good works that Christ has prepared for us in His Glory. and all this ministry imparts. I am incarcerated in Arkansas, Praise the Lord he has freed me from bondage, which is spiritual, However I must confess I am most definitely under construction. Please prayer for me and everyone in the Bricky's unit, as we are all in need. May God continue to Bless you all at CSN. Your Brother in Christ .

07/27/16 Michael wants prayer for Surgery on July 29th, Pray for the surgery to go well, recovery is speedy and for strength. Give the Drs. wisdom in this surgery and for God to guide their hands. thank you

07-26-16 Please pray for Stephanie, just getting out of an abusive marriage, needs a vehicle, she has 2 daughters, Sanora, and Cassidy Please pray God;s hand of protection on them from all forms of danger. and doors of peace to be on them all, Thank you and God bless.

07-26-16 Mary needs prayer, has many personal issues. God we know you know what they are so we just give them to you to take care. of. thank you

07-26-16 update on Richard, Please continue to pray for me as I am stilling waiting for another lung transplant, they thought they had one for me but it was not a good match. God bless and thank you.

07/21/16 Kathy is asking for prayer, her family members are into witchcraft, please pray for them to hear God's word and turn away from this witchcraft, also her son Frankie is very distant from her and she would like a relationship with him again, he has moved out of the home, he is only 14, Kathy has had so much bad happen in her life and needs it all to be behind her, their home burned down, car was impounded, and then high fees to pay to get it out. She trusts in God's word and prays for God to help her. Please pray for comfort, encouragement, and strength for her to handle all these life changes. Please pray for all. God bless.

7/18/16 to CSN, Thank you for everything. Our life has changed due to your daily teachings, please pray for us and our families. Thank you and God Bless, Derrick and Michelle

7/18/16 Please pray for the salvation of my loved one and their vices. (Richard and Dennis from sexual immortality, Philip, Edward, and Michelle for their vices, also pray for my grand kids.) God Bless, Miriam

7-1-16 Update on Frank, Frank went home to be with the Lord, Thank you everyone for all the prayers, as he was so peaceful and ready to go home to see Jesus.

7-8-16 I listen to CSN everyday and have been very blessed by this ministry. Please pray for God to continue to bless and protect me and for a girlfriend or a wife for me. I would like to share my life with a Godly woman. thank you

7-2-16 Patricia needs prayer for being born again, she needs to be saved and have a life change in her heart.

7-2-16 Michael has asked for prayer against demonic spirits can't fight them alone, needs strength, forgiveness, guidance, a sound mind, feels like he like his heart is far away. He wants to feel the love in his heart again, his marriage needs to be strengthened. please pray for him in all areas of life. God can do miracles. God bless.

7-1-16 Tony is asking for prayer for his heal, has pain and hard to walk on it. thank you and God bless

07-01-16 Please pray for Shawn and his family, for family to come to know Jesus and accept him as Lord and savior. for some family needing jobs, Please pray for forgiveness and betrayal feelings to be gone from family. God bless you all and thank you for the radio ministry.

06/28/16 prayer request from a lady who lives in a retirement community, she lives high enough up that she can see a church parking lot and people coming and going. There is a man who hangs around there doing obscene things while you children are out playing, she has called the police and they do nothing as they did not see what happened. She has told her land lord and now they want to evict her. He followers her and others to harass them in super markets.She is asking for us to pray for her enemy and turn his heart to a soft loving heart, Please pray for all the people involved to open their eyes to see what is happening, so this man does not harm anyone. thank you and God bless

6/27/16 Mark is asking for pray for his family, relatives, and friends salvation, In the past I have asked you to pray, and thanks your prays have brought some of my family members to asking questions about the Lord and spiritual matters, hallelujah! So please pray them again , I would be so grateful. Their names are Milan, Mary, Ana, Marie, Paul, Sue, Matt, and my relatives and friends, Many thanks to you. Please pray for a revival for our Nation and the World.God bless and keep you all.Yours in Christ, Mark

06/27/16 Tom needs prayer, I have had cancer since 2008, had Kemo in 2015, and the cancer went into remission, In April 2016 it has moved to my spine and up to my head. So now I am having Kemo in my head. The Oncologist says I have months not years, I have a great BIG GOD and I told him it is up to you God the way I go, Not cancer, anyway I don't want to be in a lot of prolonged pain. God does answer prayer, I prayed that I would live until my daughter who is 48 got married, she was married 2 weeks ago on the Oregon coast. Praise the Lord. Tom

06/23/16 Mike Davies is asking for pray of healing for his wife Rita, for her neck and shoulder to be free from pain. and for me for the pain in my legs and feet to be gone too. thank you and Praise God.

06/23/16 please pray for Lois's son to get the job he wants, for him and his girl friend to get married and raise their son together, thank you

06-23-16 update on Frank, He had his 1st Kemo treatment today, His Liver is shuting down and he was admitted to the hospital, they want to do surgery to insert a tube to collect the drainage so it does not go to the liver. He is very weak, his family is at his side. please pray for a miracle healing. please pray for the family for peace, love, encouragement, and comfort. God bless

06/23/16 Please pray for Daisha to have her heart changed about her father, as she has dis owned him because of his past life. God can soften her heart, and her father loves her very much, he is sad for her choices she has made. thank you and God bless

06/22/16 A christian lady called today for prayer. I was married to a man who pretended to be a Christian, I took my eyes off the Lord and eventually I divorced him. Our children have nothing to do with me as they took their fathers side in the divorce and my kids are hateful to me. It breaks my heart. I have talked with God and poured my heart out to him, have asked him to forgive me. I do not hear him or even feel his presence around me like I used to do. I need to hear God's voice, & I need encouragement, to be strengthened again. I know the battle belongs to to Lord, and I need to study and read God's word. I hear a voice telling me to stay put, but I do not know if it is God's voice. Please pray for all these situations in my life to be better, and I can be strong, and encouraged. God bless

06/22/16 Deanna called today and would like pray for her mother Gloria and herself, the mom is 75 yrs and Deanna is living with her, the mom has alienated all the other family members because her attitude. No one can get along with her. Deanna moved in and is feeling like a slave in the house, has no freedom. says mom is a Christian, does not read the word much, Deanna is ready to move out, and leave her mom all alone. I prayed with her and asked to her to have a heart to heart talk with her and explain what needs to happen for them to all get along, Gloria the mom will not listen, I suggested she find her own place to live close by and come visit every day to help her, said she will think about it. Please pray for all of them as God can change their hearts and soften them so they can all get along and the mom will let others come in and help. thank and God bless.

7-1-16 update Marilyn is healing all is well thank you 06/21/16 please pray for Marilyn she had surgery this morning on the back of her neck, please pray for a quick healing. thank you

6/20/16 Update on Frank, he had some surgery today to get him ready for Kemo therapy, please lift him in prayer as the cancer has spread everywhere through out his body. We pray, be gone from his body never to return again in Jesus precious name thank you. 06/03/16 Frank's Dr.appointment did not go as we prayed it would. They gave him a few short weeks to live and said he had to quit work. He is in good spirits though and family is staying with him while we are gone, We couldn't move our reservations and so far he still wants us to go. Keep him in your prayers that God continues to give him peace. Please continue all those prayers for him. 05/24/16 please lift Frank in prayer as he found out that he has a tumor on his pancreas, waiting for the Dr to get him to a specialist for treatment. please pray this to be gone from him in the name of Jesus, as God can do all things.

6/20/16 Roy who is 64 had a heart attack this weekend and was on life flight to a Utah hospital, he needs by pass surgery, they can't do this yet as other body functions are shutting down. please lift him in prayer for healing and for his family to stay peaceful, for someone to share the WORD with him. as he might not know the LORD. thank you and God Bless.

06/20/16 please would like prayer for my work companion to find you Heavenly Father, and find a wife. and pray for my illness.

06/13/16 Friends, I am on pain medication, they make my mind foggy and focus is hard. I listen to CSN daily and do enjoy it so. and I tell my friends and they love it too. Please pray for salvation for Steve Johnson, Julie Johnson, Nathan Johnson and dad Randy Buckman. Thank you and God bless

06/09/16 Nickolas needs pray please, is in stage 3 of kidney failure, he is in severe pain, going to the VA to see if they can help him. God bless and thank you.

06/09/16 Michael needs prayer for healing, guidance, strength to be able to humble himself to God, and wisdom to be able to help his family who are all morman to come to the light of Jesus Christ, so they don't go to hell. thank you

07/15/16/ update on Richard, Please have the body of Christ pray for me and my sons. I am still waiting for the lung transplant. 06-06-16 update on Richard Please keep praying for me, I'm still waiting for a lung transplant and my health is not it has ever been before I got sick. My meds make my body sick, and it is hard to breath. In our Lords name, Richard 06-06-16 update on Richard Please keep praying for me, I'm still waiting for a lung transplant and my health is not it has ever been before I got sick. My meds make my body sick, and it is hard to breath. In our Lords name, Richard 03/21/16 update on Richard Escareiro, Please Keep praying for me, I am waiting for the Doctor to call me, still needing that lung transplant, My lungs are not giving my body enough air, I have many illness now, please help me. I want to get well. please let the church know about my needs. Thank you and God Bless, Richard 01/04/16 update on Richard , would like prayer, he is still waiting for a lung transplant, please pray they can find the lung compatible for his body and his body would not reject it,. as he has been waiting a long while for this. 2-27-15 was request for healing after lung transplant, 8-17-15 prayer request waiting for 2nd lung transplant, 11-27-15 prayer request for them to find a lung soon. God bless and thank you 11/27/15 Update on Richard E. last update was 8-17-15, he is still waiting for a lung transplant, please keep this in your prayers, and that one becomes available soon. Also Richard is requesting prayers for his 15 year old son Eddie. Thank you and God Bless you. 8/17/15 Please pray for me, I am waiting for a second lung transplant. Richard E. 2/27/2015 Richard needs prayer for healing after a lung transplant.

05/27/16 Patty is asking for prayers for her son, going thru a divorce, a bad situation, please pray for God's protection about him and his personal things.

05/27/16 Brenda is asking for prayer for her family, 10 people, her and her husband, 3 children, and 5 grand children, please pray for their eyes and ears to see and hear all that they need. Blessings

05/27/16 Brandon in California is asking for prayers for guidance and wisdom, to be strong physically, spiritually, and mentally, require travel to Israel, and to help reach God's kingdom. I serve in a prison ministry in this state, I am so thankful for all your ministry does to teach God's word. thank you and God bless

05/24/16 please lift Frank in prayer as he found out that he has a tumor on his pancreas, waiting for the Dr to get him to a specialist for treatment. please pray this to be gone from him in the name of Jesus, as God can do all things.

05/24/16 please pray for LeRoy he as cancer and is having surgery today, he needs peace, comfort, and love thank you

05/23/16 Evelyn, is going in for surgery tomorrow morning for a knee replacement, Her Doctor is LDS she would like prayer for her to be calm as she is very nervous, and for a way to witness to this Dr., Please pray that God will guide his hands, and keep him awake and alert during this operation, and that healing will be quick and pain free. thank you and God bless.

05-22-16 that my wife and I are re-united and have a fulfilling marriage and life side by side together,

05-20-16 please put this on the prayer chain, Dennis has 3 children and wants then back home with the family, for Grandmother Sherry's salvation, and for my walk to be stronger. thank you

05/20/16 I listen to Jack Graham every morning on my way to work, Please pray for my children, Danette, Katie, and Kaleb, and my dear friend Kieran. Kieran has very liberal ideas and I know God can change that. Thanks for your hard work.

05-20-16 Dave Ingram has asked for prayer, he has been diagnosed with level 4 Melanoma cancer, thanks and God bless

05/16/16 Sue Grace Grace is asking for prayer, she has moved into a Foster Care Home, she is unable to walk, she has storage unit filled with house hold items she needs to sell, needs to have trust worthy people to help her with this need. and please pray for her health to get better and her finances to get better. For a radio station to come in better where she lives, for the CSN app to work on her cell phone, and her computer to be able to pick up the CSN programming. Praise the Lord and thank you

05/12/16 Jessi asking for prayers for his mom, she has dialyses 3 times per week, her arms are bruised and swollen, She is a strong woman or faith,14 years ago the doctors gave her 6 months to live, please pray for her to have strength and be able to endure these treatments and for Jessie to be strong though out all this too. God Bless

05/05/16 God has been very good to me. He has blessed me with joy, peace, protection, health, a sound mind, and much more. I listen to CSN everyday, it has been a great blessing to me. Keep up the good work. Please pray for me that I find a job, and that God continues to pour out his blessings listed above and that I bear good fruit. thank you, QN

04/25/16 I listen to CSN everyday, I have been blessed by this ministry, keep up the Good work. Please pray that God continues to protect me, pray God gives me courage and wisdom to know and do his will and bear good fruit. thank you

04/05/16 - Teresa is needing prayer, needs to see and believe the greatness of God in her life, as she does not hear him, she needs to have God supply all her need as she has not enough income to cover all of them. She has tried to get a hold of her ex husband to help, he will not return her calls. I explained to her that he is not obligated to do this, except from the goodness of his heart. that she needs to live within her means and put her trust in God for everything. Said she was going to start to go to a counselor, I asked to read her bible for counseling so she would not have more expenses to put out that she did not have. I prayed with her before we hung up the phone. Please lift her in prayer as she is down and needs to be encouraged, and loved up on. Please pray for her church to help give her the love, encouragement and support she needs. God bless

03/31/16 Please pray for Don's dad, as they have moved him into an alzheimers care facility in the Spokane area.Please give to him good and caring people to help him and who understand his needs. God Bless.

03/28/16- I am asking prayer for all on the prayer chain. I am asking prayer for your church, and all who give so much in order to show everyone that they are not alone and can have a relationship with our Heavenly Father. Please pray as well for those who nurture and love all people, especially new believers. Please pray for the broken and lost, that they will be lifted with Hope. Please pray for my marriage and family. I need Prayer for myself that I stay strong with the help of the Holy Spirit. I pray for time and balance in our home for the benefit of our children who love our Father so much. Will you also pray for my husband and help him understand the things of the flesh, as we have been drifting apart. Thank you

03/21/16 Omar is asking for pray for his family. Alaina has drug addiction and is the mother of Omar's daughter who is 3yrs old,her name is Karma. other children Angel, Matthew, Jacob, Julie Joshua, Roman and their mother Marisal. other children Omar Jr, and Omar Jr's daughter Adrian, Omar's Sr. daughter Cristal and her two daughters Irene and Sinai. and their mother Maria,who struggles from alcohol addiction. Omar would like pray for for his wrongful conviction, it is in the supreme court in California, for review of his appeal he asks for grant favor of this request / petition for review, be granted. thank you and God bless.

03/21/16 Sandra would like prayer for her family, her children are moving away from the Lord, and they are involved with unbelievers and they all need to be drawn closer to God. Tammy, Bill, Brandon, Alicia and Roy to be delivered and salvation for all of them. Please pray for relief of migraines from Roy, and Sandra has high blood pressure, heart problems and her body does dot function like it used to. Please keep her in your prayers for too. This family is needing to know how much God loves them all and and change their lives to live for God. God bless, and thank you.

06-06-16 update on Richard Please keep praying for me, I'm still waiting for a lung transplant and my health is not it has ever been before I got sick. My meds make my body sick, and it is hard to breath. In our Lords name, Richard 03/21/16 update on Richard Escareiro, Please Keep praying for me, I am waiting for the Doctor to call me, still needing that lung transplant, My lungs are not giving my body enough air, I have many illness now, please help me. I want to get well. please let the church know about my needs. Thank you and God Bless, Richard 01/04/16 update on Richard , would like prayer, he is still waiting for a lung transplant, please pray they can find the lung compatible for his body and his body would not reject it,. as he has been waiting a long while for this. 2-27-15 was request for healing after lung transplant, 8-17-15 prayer request waiting for 2nd lung transplant, 11-27-15 prayer request for them to find a lung soon. God bless and thank you 11/27/15 Update on Richard E. last update was 8-17-15, he is still waiting for a lung transplant, please keep this in your prayers, and that one becomes available soon. Also Richard is requesting prayers for his 15 year old son Eddie. Thank you and God Bless you. 8/17/15 Please pray for me, I am waiting for a second lung transplant. Richard E. 2/27/2015 Richard needs prayer for healing after a lung transplant.

03/11/16 Please pray for Richard, He has lots of back pain, he is also very depressed and needs prayer. thank you

02/25/16 Richard needs prayer, his co-workers are against him. Please pray for God to work in this area so he can have a working relationship with his co- workers as they all need to work as a team and be on the same page. His son Chris needs prayer for his family, wife and children. Chris is also a Marine, and he needs prayer for strength. thank you for your prayers of encouragement, peace and comfort, for all of them.

12/08/17 letter today from Juanita, please pray for her as she is convinced that her son will murder her. and that she has no protection as no one believes her. after ready this letter from her and finding my old letter she wrote, CSN has called the police department in her town and gave to them some of this letter contents, they will send an officer out to check on her. please pray she is okay and not harmed by her son or anyone else. 01/14/16 update on Juanita, last request was 12-21-15, she is still struggling with her son doing all he can to have her die so he can get rich, he uses other people to help him, has 3 hispanics living upstairs over her apartment and they do all sorts of things to fumigate her out., odors range from burning rubber, bug spray, pepper spray, antiseptic, shellac, auto mechanic shop smells, heavy perfumes, they are being sprayed thru the vents, I have major reactions to these, Police will do nothing when I have called them. My son is as cunning as the snake in the Garden of Eden He found a little church and took it over, he showed me what he thought about my Jesus. went out bought a big black Bible, black suit, black dress shoes and black mercedes benz and announced himself as pastor Wiley. He has never been to a seminary to learn Gods word, I think he is practicing for the role of Antichrist. this is a living hell designed for the old, the handicapped, and the ones who live in care facilities, as the children want the parents gone as Grandma and Grandpa have had there days and time to be gone so the kids can have the rest. When I leave my apartment I am afraid to come home, they follow me. to bible studies, to church and wait and then follow me home again. Please pray for me, that God will take this from me. so no longer have to live in fear, and that the rest of my life is living in His peace, and mercy. I pray the God will shut him down and turn his heart like a river, I pray for those at CSN radio, for the pastors on the air, and all the ones who teach the truth of God's word.

01/04/16 update on Richard , would like prayer, he is still waiting for a lung transplant, please pray they can find the lung compatible for his body and his body would not reject it,. as he has been waiting a long while for this. 2-27-15 was request for healing after lung transplant, 8-17-15 prayer request waiting for 2nd lung transplant, 11-27-15 prayer request for them to find a lung soon. God bless and thank you

12/16/15 I just want to say thank you Lord for how you have blessed my life and have kept me on the path of righteousness. To know you personally and to know that you love me no matter what I have done, you always pull me back to you, you supply my every need, you never leave me, no matter how tough life can get, you are always there. I thank you for keeping me focused on the positives and not dwell on the negatives through out my day. I am so blessed you called me out of the darkness to stand in your marvelous light, to be a beacon to those in need. Thank you Lord, I love you.

11/27/15 Update on Richard E. last update was 8-17-15, he is still waiting for a lung transplant, please keep this in your prayers, and that one becomes available soon. Also Richard is requesting prayers for his 15 year old son Eddie. Thank you and God Bless you.

10/26/15 to Keep Mike here and to bless him and his family. We are so happy for him to be back. thank you

10/23/15 John left a message and he thanks CSN radio for a great job spreading the word of God. He is asking for Prayer for our Country as America is going down the tubes, Americans need to humble themselves and turn to the Lord. Please pray for them.

10/16/15 Call came in about Bridgeton, Missouri Landfill with a underground fire burning and has been since 2010 and has a bad odor coming from it and slowly burning toward a Nuclear Waste facility. Please pray for the fire to be put out somehow, God can do that. and that the the smell goes away. that the Nuclear plant is cleaned up and safe from all hazards and no one gets ill from either facility.

9/25/15 Dee in Florida, please pray for her safety and God's hedge of protection about her, she is being harassed and followed when she leaves her Bible study group, and told to put her bible away as they don't want to see it, and using bad language, cursing her out. She is looking for new place to live and go to a different bible study, please pray she finds these new locations as well. She also listened to CSN radio and loves it and thanks CSN for all they do. Thanks and God bless

8/17/15 Please pray for me, I am waiting for a second lung transplant. Richard E.

2/27/2015 Richard needs prayer for healing after a lung transplant.

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